Four Ways to Put Internet Profiles to Good Use

Four Ways to Put Internet Profiles to Good Use

Technology has become a major asset for business. The internet has made locating individuals in charge of operations at companies something of a simple process, but the information can be fragmented across multiple websites and search utilities. For this reason, professionals need to be conscious about the different digital profiles that are being viewed each and every day. While it is easy to consider the major platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more, the smaller players also regularly get some exposure. While learning about Clarence Gooden might seem relatively simple from a Twitter page or a LinkedIn profile, the executive has done a great job keeping his profiles up to date. There are a few hits that can put internet profiles to good use.



It is important to include a short biography in any internet profile page. The short burst of text should include relevant experience, education, accomplishments, and significant professional associations. The biography should also be as detailed oriented as possible. When it comes to dates and figures, readers like to get the data correct. The page could be for customer research, employees checking out the background of a potential employer, or competitors looking for an advantage. No matter what, the biography needs to be well written.

Links to Social Media

Links to other professional social media pages is a must for industry professionals. Not only will providing links to the actual accounts clear up any potential identity issues, but they also provide readers with additional material. Since many online profiles are merely directory listings, links to social sites with more complete information enhances the subject putting more than a simple face to a name. In addition, a simple click to an official page is much easier for readers to utilize.

Company References

Online profiles are also a great place for individuals to help the company out by sharing links and pages to those websites. Not only does the person’s profile have a clear association with a particular organization, but it also allows for a bit of marketing on the part of the business as well. After all, companies can boost the relevance of a profile and even increase its popularity.

Great Picture

Profile pictures are something of a necessary evil on the internet these days. Professionals need to be certain that the photograph contained in the profile is well taken. Out of focus pictures or those with bad light sources can turn off a reader quickly. For obvious reasons, a current picture that does the subject justice is preferred.

In the end, online profiles are a major part of doing business in the modern age. By providing great pictures, company references, links to social media, and a well written biography, every professional can take advantage of the increased exposure the internet can bring. Providing factual information for simple methods of contact helps a professional develop a wide network of contacts that can be put to good use at a later date.