Five Easy Ways to Get Customer
Reviews that Boost Sales for Local Business

How do you get good reviews for yourself and your site? Many people turn to TrustAnalytica reputation management for help, while others go it alone. This article gives five tips for improving reviews and boosting customer sales.

Respond to Reviews

You can safely assume that there will already be reviews for your business online. The internet keeps giving us more sites and spaces to write reviews and opinions. One of the best things you can do is claim these reviews. Start responding to them, and see what people are saying. People are more likely to come to a business that they perceive as being ‘in touch’ with their customers. Responding to reviews can therefore boost your sales very easily. You should respond to both positive and negative reviews. This will encourage people to leave positive reviews, because they will see that you notice them.

Give People Multiple Ways to Leave Reviews

People don’t like being inconvenienced, that’s why the internet has done so well. It gives people multiple ways to very quickly accomplish their goals. You should learn from this: make your reviews process as quick as possible. You should try to have multiple means of leaving a review. This could simply be having several ways to reach that part of your site or giving people the choice of several different review sites. Don’t just have one way to leave reviews. That can be frustrating for people. Make it easy to reach the review spot.

Follow Up

One way to get people to leave reviews is to follow up with them. Send them emails and ask them to rate their purchases. Send links to review sites that you use regularly, to encourage them. This also makes it easier for them to leave reviews, and so makes it more likely that they will. Sometimes people genuinely forget to leave a review, so following up can be a way of reminding them to do something. If you make people think that you are engaging with them, they will be encouraged to leave positive reviews.

Listen to People

Nobody likes being told how badly they are doing but try and listen to what people are saying. Sometimes people can have valid complaints, and you need to take them on board. This is something that will definitely boost sales in local businesses, if you get it right!

Look at the negative reviews. If people keep mentioning the same issues, there is probably something in it. Try changing some things that are mentioned in the negative reviews. People will see that you are trying to make changes, and this might encourage them to come to your shops. They may then leave positive reviews of your positive changes.

Encourage People

There is nothing wrong with asking people to leave reviews! You might find that they are perfectly willing to do so. You have to pick your moment when you do this – if someone has had a bad experience in your shop, then avoid asking them for a review! You will probably only annoy them further. If they have had a good experience, there is nothing to stop you from asking! Many people will be happy to leave you a review if you ask them to.