First Ever Periscope
Scavenger Hunt

First Ever Periscope Scavenger Hunt

Beginning this Friday, August 7th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, Raymond Cinemato and Shawn Matthews – two people who will meet for the first time – will embark on a two-week cross country scavenger hunt, the first of its kind. “Raymond Cinemato & Shawn Matthews Scope Out America” will utilize the live video streaming platform Periscope to broadcast real time challenges submitted by the social community at large. Simultaneously, the duo will leave clues, challenges and mystery prizes in locations across America to create micro hunts for viewers who will broadcast back their own experiences.


The two early adopters of the live streaming platform Periscope created “Raymond Cinemato & Shawn Matthews Scope Out America“. Cinemato, a freelance producer, director, and editor with a client list that includes ABC Network, Ashton Kutcher, among others, garnered a following for his original broadcasts in the Periscope community; and found a collaborator in Shawn Matthews, the CEO of Swagbot Creative, whose credits include projects for Wikipedia, the Baha Men & Upwork (formerly oDesk / Elance).

Mobile live streaming apps are still in their infancy and an event like this has never been logistically possible. Cinemato and Matthews plan to leverage the trending android and iOS based service Periscope, with its estimated 10 million users, to create a truly engaging and interactive experience and mobilize a growing group of digital leaders and storytellers.

“Raymond & Shawn Scope Out America” is an innovative social conversation and Periscope will allow viewers all over the world to participate and see North America through Raymond and Shawn’s eyes. “Raymond & Shawn Scope Out America” will be broadcast throughout the day in short segments and will feature the people Raymond and Shawn meet, the fun facts of the cities they visit and of course, the highs and lows of the two getting to know each other. As a reminder, Raymond and Shawn have never met and are about to spend countless hours in a car together, working together to complete challenges.

It’s easy to submit challenges as Cinemato and Matthews drive from Los Angeles to New York. You can influence the “Raymond Cinemato & Shawn Matthews Scope Out America” broadcast by sending real time messages via Periscope, Twitter and at and the duo will add the challenge to their itinerary. Minor challenges such as visiting a famed local restaurant are now being accepted at Periscope, Twitter and at

If you or your company wants to be a part of these challenges, please email

This one of a kind experience has already caught the attention of the Kansas City Royals who will open up Kauffman Stadium to challenges. Additional participants include the California based airline company Surf Air, health sports bar snack company PROBAR, Rick’s Restorations of the History Channel show American Restoration, the Branson (Missouri) Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and an antique car museum in Phoenix, AZ. More landmarks will be announced as the duo hit the road.

“Raymond & Shawn Scope Out America” is currently slated to visit the following cities (more will most likely be added as they travel): Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Springfield, Branson, Kansas City, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington, DC and New York.