Entrepreneurship Skills to Help Kickstart
Your Social Media Marketing Agency

If you have a talent for social media, then starting a social media marketing agency can be a great career move. It’s a service every business needs, but few service providers do well. However, being good at social media marketing and enjoying it aren’t the only prerequisites for starting a successful business.

When you start your own business, regardless of the industry, you become an entrepreneur. You need to learn how to think like a business owner, in addition to understanding how to provide the services you’re advertising. Here are some of the entrepreneurship skills you’ll need if you want to kickstart a successful social media marketing agency.

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs need to be excellent communicators. They need to promote their business and work with customers, employees, and vendors, all of which requires ongoing professional communication. While what’s “professional” is subjective depending on your audience, the bottom line is that you need to communicate clearly and respectfully to build a strong business. You also need to be able to listen to others and respond appropriately.

The good news is that if you’re starting a social media marketing agency, then you’ve probably already got a solid background in communication. However, entrepreneurs must understand how to effectively communicate with clients in addition to communication via social media.

The Ability to Delegate

As the founder of an agency, your goal is probably to grow as quickly as possible. However, your business can only grow so much if you’re the only person providing the services you offer. Sooner or later, you’ll need to hire someone, even if it’s only on a contract or freelance basis.

Being able to delegate is a critical skill for entrepreneurial success. Many people never get to the point of hiring an employee. They remain sole proprietors forever. But if you really want to build a great social media marketing agency, you’ll need to know how to effectively delegate tasks and know what you should handle yourself.


Becoming a business owner is challenging and you will face many different obstacles along the way. Problem-solving is an important skill for entrepreneurs because there’s no one “higher up” you can ask to solve the problem for you when you get stumped. As a business owner, you’ll have to make difficult decisions — and problem-solving will be important for strategic decision-making as you grow your business.

Time Management

Becoming your own boss can feel very freeing—until you find yourself working 12 hours a day with no breaks. Time management is often a struggle for new entrepreneurs, but it’s an essential skill. You need to be able to meet deadlines and proactively build your business while making time for work-life balance. Managing your time so that you get enough rest while meeting your business goals is important for long-term success.


Although some people are naturally gifted when it comes to connecting with others, most people have to work at it. Networking is an extremely useful skill for entrepreneurs that you should work to develop.

As a business owner, your collaborations with others will fuel growth and change. You’ll meet potential clients through networking. You might find some of your best employees this way. Learning how to connect with strangers quickly might seem impossible if you’re an introvert, but there are ways to build this s

kill regardless of your personality.

Bookkeeping and Budgeting

Once you become a business owner, you’re in charge of the expenses and income for your agency. You are responsible for paying taxes and keeping track of each transaction. Most entrepreneurs hire out their bookkeeping tasks fairly quickly, but it’s still important for you to understand how the process works. Plus, you’ll probably need to do it all yourself in the beginning!

Budgeting is critical for any new business. You need to manage your expenses so that you don’t operate at a loss. Since a social media marketing agency shouldn’t have much overhead at the beginning, your budgeting needs should be pretty simple.

Marketing and Branding

This should be an easy skill if you’re starting a social media marketing agency, but it can be quite different marketing your own business instead of someone else’s. You’ll need to have a comprehensive marketing plan, not just a social media strategy. This is also a great opportunity to fill in your knowledge gaps and prepare yourself for working on clients’ marketing projects.

Adjusting Your Mindset from “Employee” to “Business Owner”

Becoming a business owner is a big mindset shift from being an employee. It’s not always easy to stop thinking of yourself as the employee and your clients as the employers. However, it’s important to remember that you are a business owner — and so are your clients.

Shifting your mindset in this way is important for many reasons. It will help you stay true to your values as a business owner. It will help you set the necessary boundaries with clients. And finally, it will get you in the right headspace for growing your business and expanding your agency!