Engaging Tweets in 280 Characters

Engaging Tweets in 280 Characters

Twitter is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms today and because of this they are constantly working on ways to improve the experience. With the transitions from 140 to 280 characters, the successful digital marketer now has an increasingly creative opportunity to market their brand to the public in an even more precise and engaging way, thus helping to reach a wider audience. Creativity is key and the following examples will help reach your goal.


An emoji is worth a thousand words. Emojis allow you to use the least number of characters to convey your message to the target audience. And, people like them.  Social media users are more likely to interact with content containing graphics. Try creating eye-catching patterns for highly engaging content


Using multiple languages in your tweets allows you to communicate to a wider market.  You can reach people from different regions in the world making it easier to establish lasting connections with your prospects.  Reach an audience directly and save them the hassle of translating.

Tell a Story

It could be difficult to tell a story when space was limited, but with the increase of characters from 140 to 280 it’s easier to let the world know who you are. More characters allow you to be more detailed thus helping your audience to understand your brand or the products you offer in one tweet.  Let them know why they need you. It can be an opportunity to be more relatable. Tell everyone why you love a certain product or share a story about an event in your life, or a company milestone.

Polls, Trivia, Quizzes

Trivia and quizzes increase audience participation, improve brand awareness and allow you to interact with your followers. What better way to learn about your audience than to get them talking? Effectively engaging with your followers is the best way to maintain reputation and build a faithful audience. Post often. Be fun. Be creative.

Customer Outreach

Customers are the most valuable assets of any company.  Twitter is one of the best platforms to use for customer care.  Create a dedicated support page where followers can tweet questions to. Monitor and respond immediately, this will let not just the individual reaching out know you care, but others as well. Letting the customer know you care will build trust and a bigger following.

Use CTA To Redirect Your Audience

Including CTAs in your tweets helps you generate more leads. These can be links that redirect your followers to your company website or to specific products or a service your company offers. Notify a specific audience by using hashtags or mention a specific user you know will be interested.