Dressing Instagram

Dressing Instagram
By Emma Epperly

Clothing companies were among the first to build strong marketing campaigns based solely on social media. Most brands are on multiple forms of social media but visuals based Instagram has proven itself to be the most effective marketing tool for clothing brands. Here are five brands that have pulled off Instagram superstar status and some of the reasons why:


Luxe levels = high 🔎 1109185

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ASOS is unique because it started to help regular people buy clothing they saw on celebrities.  ASOS uses the tag #AsSeenOnMe on Instagram and has over six million followers. They have a continuous but varying aesthetic that is constantly keeping up with current trends. The brand posts photos of just clothing, styled models, influencers, and photos that go with their aesthetic. Their photos are just out of reach for the average consumer to replicate, but still rooted in reality enough to keep them coming back for more.


Stüssy Fall 2017, available August 11th

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This is an interesting brand because while it has a minimalist aesthetic on its website, the brand maintains a unique and varied Instagram that features a mix of clothing focused posts and lifestyle inspiration. They also post a quite a few modeling shots which makes their Instagram notably one of a clothing brand. They lock in at just under 2.5 million followers and do not feature a hashtag associated with their brand.


Get your Aerie on! ALL undies 10 for $35 ends tomorrow.

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The intimates brand by American Eagle doesn’t have the most trendy or popular Instagram among its competitors. What it does have is a killer hashtag and marketing campaign. Aerie’s Instagram is typical of an old school clothing brand. They post photos from events and photos of their models. What makes them stand out is their #AerieREAL campaign. The campaign promised consumers that there would be no retouching of their models. The campaign blew up and caused major problems for their competitors.  So, while Aerie’s actual Instagram is pretty average, their current campaign is garnering a lot of attention not only on social media but also from the mainstream media as well.

Free People

This brand is all about lifestyle. Its Instagram is just one long good vibe look book. The brand rarely posts model photos, but instead focuses on pictures that their customers can easily replicate. They have chosen to ride the fine line between real life and branded. This has served them well with over 3.2 million followers on Instagram and several brand hashtags.


Bottoms up. Tights crafted to support you as you move—link in bio.

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The yoga and fitness brand Lululemon has made a splash on Instagram that is extremely consistent with their overall aesthetic as a company. Their Instagram is strong and peaceful. They post curated videos and photos of real people and athletes in their clothing. Lululemon also uses the events they host as prime opportunities to nab content for their socials which allows the brand to feel slightly more attainable.

After reading about these successful Instagram brands, you’re probably thinking about your company’s Instagram and wondering if you should follow in the footsteps of them as well. There are a few big ideas you can learn from these ultra successful companies. First of all, be yourself. Post images that are consistent with your brand’s overall style and aesthetic. Decide if you want to have one consistent brand hashtag, and then figure out if you want to launch new hashtags with new marketing campaigns.  Basically, you need to make a clear outline of what you want your Instagram to look like and say to consumers. Then stick to your guns, be confident, and run with it.