On-Demand Webinar

Digital and Online Reputation Management

Originally, the internet was thought of as a discovery tool—Search this. Find that. However with the recent rise of social channels, the web has begun to reinvent itself as a collaboration network—Post this. Reshare that.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. To accomplish that, people need to control their online search results because they frequently contain inaccurate, misleading, or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them. Online reputation management is akin to defensive SEO.

Presenter: Chris Abraham


About Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham is Gerris digital’s founder and principal consultant. Gerris is a full-service digital strategy firm that reaches deeper into the conversation than any other agency anywhere. Gerris digital offers Internet and digital strategy consulting services. Gerris reaches deeper into the conversation online than any other agency anywhere. Chris is a leading expert in digital: search engine optimization (SEO), online relationship management (ORM), Internet privacy, and online public relations with a focus on blogger outreach, blogger engagement, and Internet crisis response and brings these skills and the skills of his partners, associates, and staff to Gerris.