Digital Marketing: Three Easy Domain Name Tips To Enhance Brand Value

Digital Marketing: Three Easy Domain Name Tips To Enhance Brand Value
By Roy Arbeit

The domain name industry is a high stakes game with lots of money, influence, strategic moves and politics.

It has been a busy summer for the domain name industry. Hundreds of millions of dollars changed hands for a single domain name. Domain names were a focus of a presidential campaign, and the topic of debate in Congress.

In just the last couple of months, a record $135 million was paid for the rights to sell the “.web” domain name extensions. Then, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign’s digital media agency snatched up the domain name for $15,000 to, it is supposed, keep it and its brand value away from Democrats.

And in Congress, a bill titled “The Protecting Internet Freedom Act” was submitted for debate. This bill seeks to stop privatization of domain name industry oversight. The bill states that domain names are powerful tools and in the wrong hands, say foreign governments, could be used to suppress liberties and freedom of speech.

We can only wonder what will happen this fall in the domain name space.

Domain Names Are Key To Digital Marketing Strategy

The cause of this heightened awareness to and sensitivity around domain names is fueled by the increasing brand value domain names and domain name digital marketing techniques can establish and create. Digital marketers in all industries are learning how to use domain names to enhance a brand or promote a product. In short, with over 1,000 new domain name extensions introduced over the last two years and 300+ million and growing domain names in use, domain names have never been more effective as a call to action for a brand.

Below are three domain name marketing techniques digital marketers can take advantage of to leverage their brand and increase its value to their target market. Others can be found in the accompanying infographic below.

1) Social Media Profile Linking

Links to social media profiles can be long and awkward, and focus more on the platform itself, rather than on a brand. Choose a memorable domain name and have it redirect to social media profiles so customers can easily find the company or product.

Ex: http://www.You.Social

2) Deep Linking

Part of enhancing the user experience for a website, especially on mobile, is making it easy for users. By using the domain .news, BBC and Apple have made it easier for users to find the latest news simply by typing their company name .news. Meaningful domain extensions can be perfect for logical deep linking, making great shortcuts to specific parts of a website.

Ex: http://www.BBC.News, http://www.Apple.News, http://www.Wendys.Jobs

3) Domain “Hacks”

A domain hack uses a domain extension to help shorten a domain by leveraging the letters to the left and right of the dot to form a word. A good domain hack should be memorable and precise, cleverly using domain extensions such as .CO, .LY, .AM etc. can work well.

Ex: http://www.Ta.Co, http://www.GeneralAssemb.Ly, http://www.Infogr.Am

Roy Arbeit is the Executive Director of the Domain Name Association.