How Design and Marketing Impact Web Traffic

Even though it might seem like everybody has a computer, at least, if not one or more tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other technological devices, the world of digital commerce, technology, and the Internet is constantly growing. Not just growing in spurts or runs either. It’s growing constantly on a consistent basis.

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Search engine giant Google draws a whopping 40,000-odd searches every single second, totalling up to 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis, or 1.2 trillion per year. The World Wide Web is home to roughly 1.3 billion unique websites. With virtually limitless competition. To be specific, roughly 140,000 web pages are added each and every day. Differentiating your website from others on the Internet is crucial to success.

Design and Marketing Are Directly Related to Web Traffic Levels

Every person, business, and organization on planet Earth that manages one or more web pages is thoroughly vested in their efforts to attract more web traffic than days previous. Too many people think SEO (search engine optimization) alone is able to garner massive amounts of web traffic. The same sentiment extends truly for pay-per-click and social media advertising, and every other traffic boosting measure known to man.

In actuality, website design and marketing together are more important than any other means of drawing the attention of web users. Let’s look at a few factors falling under the collective, widespread umbrella of web page design and digital marketing that can positively influence the number of Internet users your website attracts on a regular basis.

Stay Away From Template Web Designs

WordPress, for example, is a content management system that takes the pain out of website design. But how? Rather than crafting website designs from scratch, lazy content creators turn to WordPress to select website templates used by tens of millions of competitors to quickly, painlessly make active web pages. Four long, long years ago far away in the distant past of the Internet (Internet years are like dog years, where every 1 human year equals 7 dog or Internet years) the World Wide Web contained a whopping 74.7 million WordPress sites.

Boost Your Site’s UX Ratings

Google takes roughly 200 factors into consideration in ranking search results from around the Internet. As such, boosting the average user experience (what UX stands for) ratings is more important than arguably anything else in terms of design. Without high user experience levels, who would want to use your website?

Social Media Marketing

More than 270 million Americans regularly use social media. Getting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is an effective means of interacting with web users. To best market your website to the Internet, make sure to develop and maintain a quality web presence across various social media sites.

In Conclusion

Even though high web traffic levels are directly correlated to making more money in any line of business, tons of website owners and operators fail to draw high, or even moderate, levels of web traffic from planet Earth’s 3-plus billion Internet users.

Often times, they think other tools like SEO or PPC advertising are key to drawing in throngs of Internet users. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trusting website design services like and boosting marketing are the two key means of getting tons of web traffic funneled to your website.