Demo Fall 2012 – Day 2 – The Standouts

Demo Fall 2012 – Day 2 – The Standouts
by Bob Fine

The second and last day of Demo Fall 2012 (this past Wednesday) presented another 30+ number of startups, for a total of more than 70 over the 2-day conference. Personally I felt the first batch of companies that presented on Day 1 was stronger overall, but there were still a number of gems from Day 2 more than worth mentioning:

· Tellagence presented a new predictive social analytics platform for Twitter. The demo was very impressive, but without some hands-on testing, it’s a bit hard to tell the value impact.

· I have to say that Flinja was the darling startup of the day. Both very well received by the audience as well as the venture panel that followed, Flinja provides a platform for university alumni to hire recent graduates for both contract and full-time positions. It provides a much-needed platform for the alumni networking crowd.

· Another very well received launch was from Social Bet Inc. presenting their soon to be released app: You Bet Me. Far and away the best consumer mobile app launched at Demo, You Bet Me provides a platform to allow users to make bets with each other on sports, or really whatever you like. And if someone welches on a bet, well, their entire social network will know about it. My biggest concern about the app was more ethical than anything else, as it is an app that encourages and makes gambling easier.

· Nubefy was a very impressive platform for IT administrators that want to easily manage all their web services in a cloud-based web interface. Need to startup a new database? It’s as easy as point and click. Definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Demo’s next event, Demo Africa, takes place in Nairobi, Kenya at the end of this month sporting startups from around the African continent. Managing Editor, Rose de Fremery, will be covering the event on-site and will be providing coverage leading up to the event, as well as during and after. Demo also announced their expansion of more events globally into China, India, Brazil and Russia.

Bob Fine is the founder and editor of The Social Media Monthly.