Data: Social Media Reaction to @Amazon’s #PrimeDay

Data: Social Media Reaction to @Amazon’s #PrimeDay

I very rarely add my own editorial commentary to our posts, but being an Amazon Prime Member myself, and a fairly loyal customer, particularly around the Black Friday holiday shopping specials, I have to admit that I was also very underwhelmed from the sale yesterday. Amazon setup itself, its customers and the media world with a 20th Anniversary shopping event that even they themselves exclaimed would be better than Black Friday. The data doesn’t lie. (@bobfine)

Craig Lucie
The following data was made possible via Talkwalker and is current as of 6:00pm EST 7/15/15:
The #PrimeDay hashtag has received 110,016 mentions

#PrimeDay hashtag has received 90,350 engagements (re-tweets, shares, mentions etc.)

The #PrimeDayFail hashtag received 6,303 mentions after the sales launched

Sentiment for the #PrimeDay hashtag went from 10% negative sentiment before the sale to 24% negative once sales launched

@Amazon has received 89,648 total audience mentions

@Amazon has received 32,093 engagements

Combined @Amazon and the #PrimeDay hashtag have had a sizeable dip in sentiment since the sales launched receiving a combined 41,434 negative mentions from users.

It’s critical for Amazon to actively monitor consumer feedback on social media for #PrimeDay in real-time. Understanding consumer reaction and sentiment can potentially empower them to be nimble in how they communicate with customers, enabling them to address concerns or negate misconceptions about what kinds of products and discounts are available. Right now, Amazon needs to think about how they can turn customer sentiment around to avoid a longer term reputation issue.

Todd Grossman, CEO, Talkwalker

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