Creating The Perfect
Press Release

Creating The Perfect Press Release

Any kind of PR (public relations) strategy should involve press releases. This kind of brief, engaging article is a great way to tell your market about new products, events, and anything else that’s going on at your company. However, due to their popularity with business owners, press releases have to stand out to get published and attention. If you want yours to be successful, then here are some valuable tips.


First, make sure it has a good headline. As with any article, pamphlet or even book, the title of your press release is very important. You need to make it interesting, but it also needs to get across the focus of the piece. The angle itself is usually what will give you the best headlines. When you’re trying to come up with the article in the first place, you should adopt an attitude that nobody cares about your business. This is especially true if it’s relatively new. Naturally, business owners are much more interested in their business and industry than any normal person. Adopt a slightly pessimistic attitude with your press release, and it will be easier to find an angle that appeals to everyone.

Second, it’s important to know your audience well when composing a press release. This is more linked to the little stylistic details of the piece. While the point and angle of the piece should be accessible to anyone, your business’s specific target audience needs to be considered as well. If you have a consumer product that’s aimed at the elderly, then don’t use slang and references that won’t appeal to them. Or, if you’re a B2B firm, lay on some of the jargon. In the latter scenario, it’s always better to get across your industry knowledge rather than to downplay it. Whoever your target market is, make sure they’re considered when you’re writing the actual body of the text. This may mean the difference between a prospective partner reading on, or leaving the page.

Last, make sure the release is headed by a brilliant pitch. A lot of people seem to forget that press releases are a form of branding, and now have a close, intimate link with modern online marketing as a whole. Today, SEO is much more focused on good branding rather than back links. This shift has breathed new life into companies like Submit Press Release 123.

Your press release needs to have a brilliant elevator pitch to draw the attention of journalists and editors. This should be brief, but as exciting and interesting as possible. You need to display good knowledge of your industry and an understanding of what your audience wants. You should also consider doing some research into what your competitors are doing and understanding how your business is distinct from them. This can be a powerful aspect to exhibit in the pitch.

Remember these three points, and you should be able to compose a killer press release.