Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan That Works

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan That Works

Are you looking to add income to your current business and want to monetize your social media channels? If your website or blog is experiencing traffic and you want to take the next steps, here are some tips on how you can reach that goal. Monetizing social media is achievable, but it takes some work as you don’t have complete control over what your readers see. In many cases, you are somewhat limited by the content that you can post. There are rewards that can be reaped if you use your social media channels correctly.

Identify Your Readers

You want to make sure that your readers fall into a category that will allow you to monetize your social media outlets. If your blog posts or website is trading or financial related, you can assume that most of your readers are interested in these topics. In many cases, your audience just likes you and your writing style and is less interested in the topic. You need to ask yourself if you read your blog, would I want a specific service. If the answer is yes then you have a way that you can monetize your product.

Search for Relevant Affiliate Partners

To successfully monetize your blog, you need to find an affiliate partner that is obvious. If you generally talk about bank savings accounts and credit cards, it will be hard to send investors to a broker. On the other hand, if you consistently discuss the capital markets and trading, and occasionally discuss actively investing, then sending clients to a broker should be a piece of cake. You will need to set up affiliate links and they can become exceptionally powerful. You can post an affiliate link on any social network, and wherever it travels you’ll be credited.

You should join a reputable affiliate network that has the reach and will provide you with solid rewards. You should compile a list of programs that you believe your audience will respond well to and sign up for those networks. It’s important to understand that your goal is to find a partner that your customers like. If they don’t like the product, you will not be successful.

Take Your Partner for a Test Drive

Start by writing posts on social media with the new affiliate link in it and see if it gains any traction. Avoid just placing the link on your social media, this process is bound to fail. You need to incorporate it into your posts to make it useful. Your primary concern should always be about how your post will benefit your audience.

Analyze the Results

After testing the link within your posts you should analyze how it is performing and optimize the campaign. You can then calculate the average revenue per post for each program. The more data you can analyze the better the optimization process. Once you have your campaigns up and running you need to ask yourself several questions. Are you getting paid regularly by your affiliate partner? Are you getting feedback to enhance your posts? Are your links gaining traction on social media?

In summary, you need to identify your audience’s and find an affiliate partner that fits. You should test out your social media outlets and determine with some analysis if it’s gaining traction and how you can optimize your results.