Computer Franchises Are
Your Next Big Business Opportunity

If you’re a techie with a flair for business, there’s a whole world of franchise opportunities UK out there just waiting for you. Most of us mere mortals don’t know our HDDs from our SSDs and wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with thermal paste. But if you’re a dab hand with all things technology, then an IT or computer franchise could be the perfect business adventure.

With most UK households (around 88%) owning at least one computer – be it a PC, laptop, or tablet – technology is everywhere. We all rely heavily on computers in our day-to-day lives, both at work and in our spare time. With the rise of smartphones, you might even argue that the humble telephone has almost transformed into a computer itself.

Image by neo tam from Pixabay

We Love and Need Computers

But computers can go from being our greatest ally to our sworn enemy in the blink of an eye if something goes awry with them. And let’s face it, something always goes a bit wonky…

While many people could turn to the high street for a solution to fix their technical woes, for many this is a huge inconvenience. Getting your PC or laptop fixed in the comfort of your own home is so much more convenient.

And that’s where you come in.

If you prefer to teach people how to use computers or get them set up so they don’t have to worry about it, you’ll find there’s a wide-open market for this too. From teaching the basics of Microsoft Office, to more complex software tutorials, and even basic PC repairs, there’s so much information you take for granted that other people are desperate to know. What’s more, they’re quite happy to pay you to teach them!

If you’re looking for the perfect fit, these computer franchises are an ideal way of capitalising on all your technical genius.

Become A Computer Troubleshooter and Solve The World’s Technical Woes

Computer troubleshooter franchises reap some amazing rewards as they have the benefit of support from some of the largest IT service franchises in the world. For bigger IT firms to partner up with smaller businesses is an absolute no-brainer, and you often find companies partnering in this way. This gives you all the benefits of fully-fledged IT support while you’re handling smaller-scale technical issues for home users with personal computers, rather than big businesses with huge IT infrastructures.

Take to The Skies with A Drone Franchise

Not all computer franchises necessitate repairing the computers. Some of them focus more on the operational side of things. One great example of how you can – literally – get your business off the ground is drone operation. Since drones broke into the mainstream, you can make a tidy profit from having a few high spec drones and skilled operators. The need for aerial photography and footage has only increased since the technology to achieve it became more readily available.

Add to this the possibilities of using drones for other purposes, such as deliveries, and you could create a business that caters to virtually any industry, sector, or niche if you just think outside the box a little.

Specialist Computer and Device Cleaning Services

Where would we be without cleaners in the world? This is true of virtually every context, corporate and otherwise. From home cleaners to office cleaners, and even groundskeepers that keep outdoor areas tidy, cleaning services are a booming market.

In the franchising world, cleaning franchises are already big business. So why not combine this cleaning ethos with your technological savvy to offer people a service that ensures their computers and devices are spick and span?

There is no point in having a high spec PC or gaming console if it’s full of dirt and debris. And the more you use a machine, the more detritus it will accumulate in its inner workings.

Just as you’d take your car for a valet on a regular basis, getting your computer cleaned regularly is a no-brainer. Repeat business is almost guaranteed with this one, as is word of mouth. Just do a spectacular job and wait for people to tell their friends about the magical service that got their PC running like new when they were convinced they needed to replace it.

Cater to Their Printing Needs

Despite the digital age taking everything online, most businesses still rely on printers, photocopiers and scanners. Between the need for maintenance and replacement cartridges or paper, you can easily build a successful business that keeps other businesses running smoothly.

Add to this the ability to sell the machines to businesses or – if you’re really clever – rent them out and then charge by the page for everything printed, and you have the potential for a booming computer franchise.

Whether you’re looking to get involved in the world of drone photography, PC repair, printers and copiers, or teaching your skills to others, computer franchises and internet franchises are full of potential, many of which you can run from the comfort of your own home!