Common Newbie Mistakes Made During Corporate Meetings

Common Newbie Mistakes Made During Corporate Meetings

If you’re able to bring any sort of technology and change into your organization, then you have to make sure you make the most of your opportunity. The truth is that the old guard in any organization may not be as likely to embrace change as they should be, so it is absolutely imperative to make the most of the chances that you receive. When it comes to presenting or implementing any sort of change in your organization from a corporate meeting point of view, just make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes as you try to establish yourself as an actual asset within the company.


Not Having An Objective

According to many sources, including CNBC, one of the most important aspects a meeting needs to have is a purpose. Too many organizations will have meetings for the sake of having meetings, and you have to be able to break free of that trend in order to accomplish anything. That’s why what you need to do is to be able to walk right into a meeting and know from the very first comments what you are actually trying to achieve and master within the meeting. If you’re a young employee and the floor is yours at a corporate gathering, then you can either just pass the time or you can try to move forward and make a difference. The latter will have a much easier time climbing the corporate ladder.

Focuse On A Single Mode of Communication

The truth of the matter is when you think about communication you have to have options. Traditional meetings had multiple employees all working in a single conference room at a single table. The reason for this was simply because they didn’t have any other options. When you start to consider all of the new forms of communication that work in each and every other facet of the corporate world and even in the smallest of businesses, you will already know why having video meeting solutions for IT like BlueJeans on your side could be one of the biggest aspects to bring people together at all levels of the organization. Having new modes of communication will only open up doors and create possibilities between teams and specializations.

Saying Yes Instead of Teaching

According to Inc., there are far too many individuals in the corporate world who not only have too much influence, but they shouldn’t even have jobs. People who are going to be in your organization need to actually bring knowledge, skills, and abilities to the table instead of just trying to lay low and avoid ruffling any feathers. By having someone who just embodies the yes man attitude at the front of a meeting, the only things that will be accomplished are wasting time and proving how big of a fool one is. Instead of just capturing attention to earn the favor of executives, it makes more sense to try and educate others. In doing so, you will not only prove that you are worthy of their time and know a few things, but you will also show you are capable of taking on additional responsibility as well.

Having A Passive and Uninvolved Audience

Communication is not only something that is important to any organization – it’s vital. Instead of just taking your time as a meeting leader or a presenter and presenting to others, you have to involve them. When you think about the average attention span of people in any environment, then you know you don’t have much time until they tune you out permanently. Consider the fact that you are at a work related meeting and you will lose your ability to connect with anyone before you even know it, unless you find a way to get them involved. The specifics of how you accomplish this can vary depending upon the topic, venue, and desired goals of the meeting. But, by having the opportunity to involve others in any type of capacity, then you’re far more likely to get people to participate as well as contribute legitimate ideas.

Organizations hire tremendously capable employees each and every day. In fact, the majority of the most intelligent employees in any organization are actually the ones who have just been hired and who have actually come from business school or their technological training sessions. However, if you aren’t capable of learning the tricks of the trade quickly and getting up to speed within your corporate environment, then you could be wasting your time. Make sure you pay attention to these mistakes and do your best to avoid them as you become a resource within your company and don’t just flounder as a person who steals time for pointless meetings and discussions.