Sponsored: Car Accident Lawyer From Ithaca Advises How to Charge for Damage from Insurance

Sponsored: Car Accident Lawyer From Ithaca Advises
How to Charge for Damage from Insurance

Dangerous events can occur in different life situations and in different places. Car accidents happen every day. Bad weather, drivers who break traffic rules and roads of poor quality are major problems. They can cause material damage and human victims. People get hurt, or they lose their lives.

The damage can be material on the property of the victim and intangible for the physical and mental pains suffered. People can lose their material assets, but also the capability to work and function every day.

Whoever causes the damage must pay for it. In some cases, the victims of the accident can ask for compensation from the insurance company of the guilty person. There are many important reasons for owning car insurance.

Provide the Evidence

All vehicles should have insurance. This way, the insurance company will pay for every loss that is the result of the car crash. When the accident with material damage or injured people happens, you should call the police. Their task is to do the investigation and provide evidence. You’ll need this record if you want to ask for compensation.

For the same reason, you must call the ambulance. In the case of serious injuries, emergency hospitalization is needed. After doctors take care of you, you should ask for a medical report. That will be one of the crucial evidences for the insurance company.

Always wait for the Police

It can be hard to get compensation for damage from a car accident if people try to avoid the law. One of the most common mistakes is trying to “negotiate” with the other party without calling the police. And when they are not on the scene, you won’t get the police report. Because of this, it can be difficult to prove the damage, in case the “negotiation” fails. A police report is of crucial importance for your compensation.

Hire Lawyer

In most cases, insurance companies won’t pay you the highest amount of compensation. When you try to avoid the court, usually you’ll get less money than when you go on a trial. If you don’t want to get stuck with the insurance, contact your lawyer in advance. So you have a chance to ask for full compensation. It belongs to you by law.

You should know that insurance companies usually refuse to pay for non-material losses, especially if the person doesn’t have physical injuries. They only accept proof of material damage. On the other hand, the court will consider your mental pain and suffered trauma, but also the lost salaries, decreased quality of life, etc.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The advantage of hiring a lawyer is their knowledge and experience in similar cases. However, some people don’t want legal help and want to make arrangements face to face. There is no guarantee they’ll get the compensation. Even if they do, there is a chance that they’ll get less than it belongs to them by law.

If you visit a good lawyer, they’ll tell you what you can charge before starting the procedure. They can help you to understand the procedure and your rights in case of accident. They usually won’t charge you in advance. The final compensation will include all your legal expenses.

Submit a Compensation Request

Your lawyer will file a compensation request and send it to the insurance companies of the culprit. They will attach the necessary documentation which proves your losses and injuries. In the case when the insurance company denies your request, the next step is the lawsuit.

The court usually will prejudge appropriate fair compensation. The only disadvantage is that this process can last if the case is complicated. During the trial, there is always a chance for both parties to make an agreement. If the defendant or their insurance company agrees to pay the requested amount in full, the case will be closed.

No matter who will pay for your damage, you’ll need proofs and documentation of the accident. Your legal right is to ask for compensation of your losses. If you can’t handle this situation on your own, hire a lawyer who’s an expert in car accidents.