Can GoDaddy Help with SEO or
Should I Take on This Task Myself?

Are you new to creating websites? Then you are most likely going to choose a website builder to get started. This can be the easiest way for beginners since website builders help you get it up and running without you needing a lot of experience. Sometimes, you can have a great business idea but no programming skills when it comes to a website. So, a website builder guides you through the process and allows you to set up a site you are proud of.

A lot of people are turning to GoDaddy when it comes to starting a website. This web host is the largest in the world and can help you with everything from domain registration to getting a new professional email. In particular, one reason why people like GoDaddy is because it has a website builder. With the help of templates and a simple process, you can create the site your business needs.

But what happens when it comes to SEO? Everyone knows that search engine optimization is key to putting your website on the map and making sure you attract an audience. Will GoDaddy help or hinder this? Let’s take a closer look.

Can GoDaddy Assist with SEO on Your Website?

Do you want to generate traffic to your website? Do you need to be credible and a leader in your market? Then, a good search engine optimization strategy is what you need. SEO is something crucial to every website and it is what is going to get you to that first page on Google. But this is not to say that it is easy or will not take time. In fact, SEO can be complicated if you have never dealt with it before and you have to be consistent in order to see good results.

Since GoDaddy can help you build a website, you might assume that they can also assist with SEO. Well, you are right. But this is only to a certain point. GoDaddy does acknowledge SEO and you will find that there is a built-in wizard you can use. Joshua George, an SEO expert, goes into detail on his blog about GoDaddy and SEO, which you should check out. But something you should be aware of is that it offers basic features, and it is by no means comprehensive and something that is going to take care of everything for you. While you can use it for starting out, you need to understand that it is not going to be the long-term solution when it comes to SEO.

Therefore, GoDaddy can be helpful for those looking to build a website quickly. It can also introduce you to some SEO tools. But you have to create your own SEO strategy and educate yourself on the topic. If you want to be number one on Google SERPs, this is going to require more work than just using the GoDaddy tools for your website.

Should I Deal with SEO By Myself?

Yes, GoDaddy provides some basic SEO tools you can use. But, as we have discussed, you will not be able to rely on these alone if you want to get your website to the number one spot on Google. This means that you should deal with SEO yourself and get the necessary tools to monitor your website and make positive adjustments. Ultimately, you can still choose to use GoDaddy to build your website if you are a small business. But you will need to create your own SEO strategy to go with it.

Therefore, you will need to take the time to create an SEO strategy that is going to work for your website. For instance, this means finding the right keywords and not depending on GoDaddy. That is if you want to see good results and make sure that you have covered all the necessary bases. Again, there are good SEO tools that can help you with this task. These are both free and paid.

If you are not sure what you are doing with SEO or want to make sure you can boost your ranking, there are online courses you can take. You will also gain a lot of tips from business and marketing blogs. Alternatively, you can reach out to SEO consultants and agencies for professional help. They are going to have the knowledge and experience you need to make sure that SEO helps your website.