A Buyer’s Guide To Office 365

A Buyer’s Guide To Office 365

Cloud computing has become a popular option for companies of all sizes, as they can gain quick access to the latest technology applications, without having to invest a considerable amount of money into new infrastructure, expensive software or additional IT technicians. The most popular cloud computing option right now is Microsoft Office 365, which allows users to access all their applications on any device, anywhere in the world, as all they will need is an internet connection to create and communicate.

If you’re considering moving to Office 365, we’re offering a first time buyer’s guide to the cloud service:

Pay Per User

A reputable Microsoft partner will be able to provide a Microsoft Office 365 package that you can scale up or scale down upon request. By opting for a pay per user per month subscription, you can simply reduce your package if employees leave the business or you can increase your subscription if you hire additional members of staff. So, you will never have to pay for more services than you need with Office 365.

You should also view the various package options on the market, so you only select the services you need for your budget. For instance, you could pick the Office 365 Business solution, which allows each user to work on the recognizable Office applications, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. However, you always have the option to select the Office 365 Business Premium package, which offers the essential Office cloud applications, as well as the likes of Yammer, HD video conferencing and email with a 50GB mailbox.

Pay In Advance

While a subscription service is often ideal for many companies, other businesses might prefer to pay for the cloud computing solution upfront. You might, therefore, be happy to learn that you can pay in advance for Microsoft Office 365, so you will not have to worry about missing a subscription payment or having any payment issues that could result in your employees missing important deadlines.

Buy A Licensing Agreement

According to Garner, more than 78% of organizations are currently using or are planning to use Office 365 shortly. If you’re considering joining the millions of companies using the cloud computing solution, we recommend you consult an established Microsoft partner, such as Bytes.co.uk that has sold over 1,500,000 licenses to business users. What’s more, they also offer a variety of third-party security and support packages to improve the Office 365 applications’ performance.

Choose A Bundle or Services

The great aspect about Office 365 is that you have an opportunity to bundle the products and services you need, so you only purchase the applications you will regularly use so that you will receive a value-for-money solution. We recommend talking through your business needs and bundles with a Microsoft partner, who can advise you on the best deals and options for your organization’s requirements.

With so many companies claiming to provide a seamless migration, we encourage you to thoroughly research your chosen Microsoft partner to enjoy a hassle free migration process with the help of a dependable company.