Building A Blog With Content That Will Attract Attention The Right Way

Building A Blog With Content That Will Attract Attention The Right Way

As a blogger, you know how frustrating it is to write content that is only seen by a handful of people, especially when half of those visitors are probably just spam bots trying to sneak a backlink into your comments section. It sometimes feels like you’re just wasting your time. Well, if the content you’re publishing is no better than the thousands of other posts out there that cover the same topic with the same talking points, then maybe you really are wasting your time.

create great content is king

The Internet has become a haven for low quality content. Google keeps raising its standards for the type of content it wants to promote to its customers. But the problem is that most bloggers and marketers set their sights as low as possible to please Google, rather than aiming to go way above and beyond what people expect.

When you’re building a blog to stand the test of time, you need to stay way ahead of the curve. For your trickle of traffic to turn into a flood, you need to set much higher standards for quality than everyone else in your niche. You should try to blow people away with every post you publish. Below are three tips for creating amazing content that people want to share and that will boost your traffic levels far beyond what you ever thought possible.

  1. Be Original

Be honest here. Be really, really honest. Is your content better than the content you see your competitors publishing? Are you offering any new information or putting a new spin on it that nobody else has already done a hundred times or more? Granted, it’s hard for the average niche blogger to come up with new information on any given subject, unless they are involved in doing research or are experts in their industry.

So what can you do?

Answer: Become an expert in your industry and perform some research of your own.

Does that scare you or excite you? That doesn’t mean you need to go get a Ph.D., but it does mean that you should start pushing out of your comfort zone to create content that does more than just rehash tired old subjects. Here are some unique types of content that work like magic to bring more traffic to your blog:

  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Ultimate guides
  • Controversial topics

Try adding some of these types of content to your blog and watch what happens.

  1. Create Long Form Content

As hinted at above, a lot of people on the Internet are getting tired of 500-word blog posts and want more in-depth content that packs a lot of value – and Google has been taking notice. As a result, publishing longer content is a great way to attract more search traffic to your blog. And not only does long form content work well in terms of SEO impact, but many of your readers will appreciate the extra effort and will be more likely to share this content and link to it from your own blog. Long form content that offers massive value is also a lot easier to use as ammo to get you links from influencers in your niche as part of your ongoing outreach efforts.

So how long should you go? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, but if you stop thinking of word count in terms of hundreds and start thinking in terms of thousands, then you’re definitely on the right track.

  1. Write Headlines That Beg To Be Clicked

Amazing content is worthless if nobody sees it, and nobody will see your content unless they first click through to your blog from the search results. To accomplish this, you need to create compelling headlines that grab readers’ attention and practically force them to check it out.

Most bloggers will spend several hours writing a blog post but will then spend less than 30 seconds thinking up the title. You need to change that if you want your content to go viral.

A good place to start is by forcing yourself to come up with at least 10 different titles for each post. This will take you several minutes. In some cases, it might take you almost as long as it took to write the post itself, and that is actually a good thing. Put some real effort into crafting great headlines, and your traffic will likely see some dramatic improvements over time.

Getting traffic seems like the hardest challenge in the world for many bloggers, but once you shift your focus to creating awesome content that is worthy of being shared, then you’ll start to find that traffic flows toward great content.

Content is king. It always has been, and it always will be.