Branding Your Personality Is An Essential Step For Career Advancement

Branding Your Personality Is An Essential Step For Career Advancement

Have you ever noticed that certain personalities are becoming more and more visible on the web? These are not people who fit into your normal range of celebrities, such as movie actors, music stars, and comedians. These new celebrated personas belong to people such as Chris Pivik, among many others. They aren’t Grammy award winners or famous personalities from reality TV. They’re business professionals who have learned how to increase their visibility on the web by perfecting their public brand. In doing so, they have advanced their careers by being able to cash in on this level of public recognition.

What Is Your Public Brand and Why Is It So Important To Have One?

Your public brand is the result of many different ingredients. There is not only your public reputation to consider, but also the services that you provide to the public. The sum of your personality, qualifications, and skills is expressed in the position that you currently hold. For example, you may be the owner of a brand new position or a top provider of consulting services at a world famous financial center. The way in which you market yourself in this capacity will determine how you’re able to build your public brand. The more name recognition you achieve, the more powerful your brand will become.

Building Your Public Brand Takes Time, Skill, and Professional Help

You should know that you can’t suddenly shoot to the top of the food chain just by posting a few videos. Of course, there are seeming exceptions when a video does suddenly go viral. However, these are not normally public pronouncements made on social media by recognized professionals. If you want to use social media to advance your career, in the manner of Chris Pivik and other top professionals, you’ll need to start slow. Building your brand is a numbers game, but it’s also a matter of slowly but surely increasing your level of public recognition, post by strategically placed post.

You can start by building yourself an official website to promote yourself and the services that you provide to the public. From there, it’s an excellent idea to establish an additional presence via blogs and accounts on social media network sites. Once you have established a public presence on the web, it will be up to you to do everything in your power to promote yourself. The more visibility you have, the more positive public recognition you’re bound to possess. This is the ultimate goal of successful brand building.

Why Is A Presence On Social Media So Crucial For Building Your Brand?

If you don’t currently have an account on several social media network sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, you need to acquire one immediately. Doing so will instantly link you with hundreds of millions of other social network site users, many of whom will be very interested to learn more about your present position and the services you’re able to provide. Getting a Twitter or LinkedIn account is an excellent way to advertise yourself and build your public brand. The more face and name recognition you possess, the more likely you are to be sought out by the public for your skill set.