Boost Online Visibility and Traffic with the Best SEO Agency in the Bay Area

Search engine optimization — SEO to its friends — has become increasingly essential to existing on the internet as a business. This is further compounded by the many perks that come with it: you get to save money, greatly boost your visibility on the internet, acquire high-quality leads, and eventually, even score more conversions. Good SEO — such as that implemented by reliable SEO companies Bay Area — can help you achieve many of your business’s goals online.

Want to know how investing in solid SEO companies Bay Area can help you supercharge your visibility online and get you more organic traffic? Keep reading!

The Perks Of Good SEO

The most useful traffic for your online presence is the organic kind: it allows people to find your brand and its products at precisely the moment they’re looking for you. SEO is one of the most foolproof ways to boost this aspect of your performance. Did you know, for instance, that mobile devices accounted for 63% of organic search engine visits? Organic traffic notwithstanding, experienced SEO companies Bay Area can also help you benefit from other great perks that come with solid search engine optimization. These include:

  • Great Savings. It can, after all, be pretty expensive in the long run to focus on boosting organic traffic. However, with the magical powers of SEO that is well done — ask experienced SEO companies Bay Area — by your side, and you essentially get consistent and high-quality organic traffic for free! In other words, once your SEO strategy is in place and holding its own, you can divert money away from paid advertising into other marketing channels — or even other aspects of your business!
  • Excellent Results in The Long Term. Search engine optimization, for better or for worse, isn’t designed to be an overnight runaway success. But with consistent and robust application and a little bit of careful monitoring, it can help you get to the top of search engine result pages and plant your flag and stay there. Bay Area SEO companies are trained to pay close attention to changes in SEO best practices and search engine algorithms, allowing you to climb the rankings and stay on top!
  • Solid Leads. Good SEO helps the right people find your products and services at precisely the moment they are looking for you. As you can imagine, this translates to better leads in the long term and boosted conversion rates and sales! The trick, of course, is to stay consistent in your SEO strategy and holding on to your momentum — which experienced SEO companies Bay Area can help you do with both ease and panache.

The Ingredients of Great SEO

There’s a common misconception around SEO: that it’s all about using the right keywords a set number of times in your copy, and you’re good to go. This is simply not true. A lot of factors feed into the success of an SEO strategy, such as the security of your website and how quickly its pages load for users, how authoritative your domain is, the quality of backlinks to your online presence, your use of metadata, the quality of user experiences you provide, and so on. (Yes, there is, in fact, more to that list.)

Google and other search engines are nothing if not dedicated to providing great user experiences to the people performing searches on them. To this end, they are constantly looking to switch their algorithms up to keep up with the changing landscapes of content online. It’s imperative, therefore, to keep a close eye out for these changes to succeed in the SEO game. This, in fact, is one of the greatest assets of partnering with an SEO company in the Bay Area. Simply put, they are trained to keep a close eye out for what works and what doesn’t — and they know how to use it for the benefit of your business!

What Not to Do: The SEO Edition

While a lot of SEO is a direct result of the practices you do implement, quite a lot of it also involves knowing where to stay your hand and tread carefully in the online world. Practices that were once effective ways of climbing the ranks on search engines are now regarded by suspicion and may be penalized by the algorithm. Keeping that in mind, here are two things to diligently avoid while implementing your SEO strategy.

  • Cannibalizing Keywords
    This refers to the practice of targeting multiple pages of your website with the same keyword. Ideally, while implementing SEO, you should ensure that each page has its own set of specific target keywords that are relevant and specific to that page. This can be tricky to implement practically; when you narrow in on a set of keywords, it can be difficult to avoid accidentally repeating your optimization. SEO companies Bay Area can help you avoid this sometimes-costly mistake!
  • Ignoring Search Intent
    Search intent refers to why a particular user might perform a search. This is where analyzing search intent can be invaluable — it is an excellent and efficient way of ensuring that your online presence is shown to the right people.
    To this end, optimizing the right keywords is vital. If you focus on the wrong keywords — even if they fit with the general theme of your brand — you’ll find yourself stuck with a world of missed opportunities, and the right users simply will not be able to find you.

The Upshot

There’s no denying the fact that while SEO can be a powerful tool when done right, it can also prove tricky and finicky to implement. This is where reputed SEO companies Bay Area like AdLift can change your fortunes markedly for the better with their experience, training, and a keen eye for the shifting sands of SEO best practices.