Boost Link Building Strategies
With These Eight SEO Tools

Do you also wish your website to top the search engine ranking? Have you strived hard and long to get unbeatable web traffic? Have your link building strategies paid off?

Link building is one of the critical factors to improve your page ranking. However, there has been a change in link building strategies in recent years. Previously, building low-quality links helped websites rank high. Google now doesn’t accept such methods and penalizes these websites. Using irrelevant or excess number of links is also not permissible by Google. So, you need to follow some link building techniques that are trending and result oriented.

One might look for authentic tactics to build links. For this, you need to consider your website and what strategies you are applying to it. You can reach out to other websites and find opportunities; however, practicing this is challenging. Therefore, some tools can help you find link building opportunities by analyzing data from various prospects.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Below is the list of eight SEO tools consisting of a range of functions for boosting link building strategies. Using these tools can positively affect your website ranking. So let’s dive in:


SEMrush is a comprehensive tool for conducting an in-depth analysis of different sites. The backlink analytics tool allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles by comparing multiple domains simultaneously. It provides data in a graphical form that is easy to understand and allows dedicated analysis. With its extensive link index, you can use various filters to check backlinks that you want to observe for gauging the quality of the website. It analyzes acutely to understand the authority of a referring domain.

SEMrush provides you an opportunity to track backlinks of any domain. It notifies when any backlink gets deleted or if there is any new link. The deep-link analysis feature offers you a comprehensive analysis, including the link’s type and attribute. You can filter out data and explore every aspect of inbound links such as URLs, domains, sub-domains, anchors, etc. It recommends websites from where you could get backlinks to improve ranking in the search engine.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO mainly focuses on backlink analysis. It provides you relevant and reliable data since the tool has the largest link index database. Majestic SEO uses different metrics to analyze websites:

  • Trust Flow metric foretells the trustworthiness of a site. The metric provides you with data on the number of links a site gets from an authority site
  • Citation Flow shows the quantity of the link
  • Topical Trust Flow determines the website’s relevancy

Majestic SEO tool provides you with opportunities to discover links and analyze your site’s backlink data. It consists of a Chrome Plugin for analyzing the website. You can look at the link types and how they provide value to the site through this feature. Majestic SEO also offers you features like keyword research, compare domains, backlinks breakdown, etc.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a powerful tool for boosting link building strategies. It helps you to compare your competitors’ backlinks. It allows you to help understand how your competitors are succeeding in getting lucky with getting links.

Moz Link Explorer reveals the damaged links on your site. You can pinpoint the links that no longer exist and can disavow them. In this manner, you can improve your website ranking.

Also, Moz Link Explorer shows the anchor text that websites are using to link to your site. The feature allows you to choose a relevant keyword for the next content, thus helping you get more backlinks.


Ahrefs owns a live backlinks database. The Site Explorer feature in Ahrefs provides detailed information on the website’s backlink. It reflects the links on the website, the authority of the backlinks, and anchor text. So, if you are planning to furtively observe what your competitor is up to, make use of this feature and improve your website’s performance. You can analyze the competitor’s content linked most and use it to your advantage for future content. The link growth feature in Ahrefs indicates which pages have the highest backlinks, allowing you to implement the same strategy on other pages. Ahrefs stands out as one of the most useful analytical tools in the SEO scope. Some agencies base their decisions and ideas on their databases, such as the Domain Rating or DR. To get more information, you can visit this page here.

Ninja Outreach

The big deal about Ninja Outreach is that its database is full of influencers. You can look for famous bloggers and get in contact with them for backlinks in a particular niche. It also provides marketing features related to influencers for link building. This tool’s outreach template feature offers several templates that you can customize to send your message accordingly. Besides, you can search for anyone’s email address by mentioning a particular domain. You can automatize the sending rates and keep track of email status with the Automate outreach feature’s help. This characteristic makes the process of link building more efficient.


Link-building strategies mainly emphasize getting in contact with influential individuals and brands to boost your content. Buzzstream helps you in building such relationships. With the help of this platform, you can hold conversations with these individuals and send messages personally. It also provides management related features that can trace the activities of different campaigns. Another plus point is that it fastens the research speed and helps collect all the relevant details. A feature called Digital PR allows you to jot down the names of influencers and media persons to gain placements.

Link Detox

If you want to keep tabs on the quality of links, then Link Detox is the best option for you. Link Detox comprises features that serve as a shield for your links. Creating link-building campaigns takes a lot of effort and time. You don’t want to undermine these efforts by adding up weak links. The Disavow File Audit Mode lets you know about the low-quality links that are now high-ranking links. It also reduces the chances of human error while in this mode. Apart from this, the tool also helps avoid Google penalties and enables you to create high-quality backlinks.


Buzzsumo helps you find the reason whenever your website drops or gain an inbound link. With this information’s aid, you can always determine which part of your content gets the quality backlinks. Buzzsumo allows you to search for influencers or bloggers that are easy to find through their content keywords. Additionally, it finds the list of websites that shared these bloggers’ and influencer’s content. Using this list, you can create much better blogs.

Have you been facing difficulties while forming link building strategies for your website? A complete guideline of some of the premium SEO tools can help you. It is hard to shortlist unless your goals and targets are vivid. Each of these offers different features and customization room. However, the help you get using these tools is commendable as it saves your time. Pick up the one that suits best to your needs and start link-building!