Boost Brand Visibility Through Social
Media and Content Marketing

While it may seem a little ‘retro’ to talk about brand awareness through platforms such as social media, there are many businesses that still have trouble making their content stick. The type of content you deliver can draw the right demographic to your business, so it’s essential you have an idea of what strategies you need in place to market your business successfully. Here are ways to boost your brand visibility through social media and content marketing.

Finding Your Market

You would be forgiven if you thought that your target demographic only uses one social platform. Thankfully, every social media site includes a search engine that can allow you to find conversations about your brand, your products, and services. Hit the search button and type in keywords such as the name of your brand, so you can see what people are saying before reaching out.

Make it Manageable

Once you have had a look at what people are saying on social media, you will find that there is no need to keep maintaining profiles on every social media website there is. Instead, you can pick out some of the more popular platforms that your target demographic is using. There is no point trying to market your brand on a social media platform that is barely used by your customers. Instead, focus your efforts on networking sites with a larger following, such as Facebook.

Add Visuals

Wherever we look online, we are inundated with tons of marketing campaigns. Some may not catch your eye, but ones that strike out are likely to catch our interest. For your campaign, it’s best to add eye-catching visuals that users just can’t ignore. You need to grab their attention from the get-go, so ensure you get visual and creative to draw customers to your brand.

Go Native

It’s important that you recognize the fact that users on Twitter aren’t all going to be users on Facebook (and vice versa). Try and avoid the common mistake of linking your tweets to your Facebook page. It’s important that you consider your audience and deliver content that is going to suit your audience and platform. That way, you are likely to achieve better results.

Engage with Customers

To get a real insight into your brand and what people think, it may be worth engaging directly with users. If you have set up a business page on Facebook or Twitter, users will be able to contact your business should they have any queries. It’s best to respond to as many people as you can so users can trust you and feel valued as a customer.

Starting a Blog

As with social media, starting your own blog can be a great way to bring new customers to your brand. While you may already have a website that’s active, having a blog can bring a more personal touch and gives the opportunity for customers to engage more with your services. Ensure that your blog is visually appealing and kept up to date. Your customers will want to see that the blog is well maintained, so ensure you post regularly. If you need any help on how to start a blog, this is a great resource for getting started.

If you have no brand awareness, the chances are you will not gain much of a following. Getting your brand name out there to the masses is incredibly important. If you want to attract new customers to your page, it’s best to engage as much as you can with potential customers on social media and via a blog.