Black Hat Marketing Techniques To Avoid

Black Hat Marketing Techniques To Avoid

A good website is one of the best forms of advertisement a small business can have. There are a variety of things that can be done to a website to make it more user friendly and easy to find. With all of the different schools of thought when it comes internet marketing, finding the right fit for your company can be a bit difficult. One of the most common things that most SEO professionals can agree on are so called black hat marketing techniques. There are a number of reasons why black hat seo doesn’t last, which is why it should be avoided at all costs. Below are some of the most common black hat marketing techniques and why you should avoid using them as part of your internet marketing strategy.


Stuffing In Unrelated Keywords

The worst thing that you can do when attempting to increase the SEO of your website is to stuff keywords that don’t belong in your content. Some SEO professionals out there subscribe to the theory that ranking for any keyword is better than not ranking at all. By stuffing keywords in your content, you will end up getting penalized by search engines like Google. This will make achieving the level of visibility that you are after harder to obtain. The use of content marketing networks will be very helpful when trying to increase your website’s visibility, but only if you avoid keyword stuffing.

Avoid Cloaking

Using what is commonly referred to as click bait to get visitors to your site can backfire. Trying to entice a person to click on a link for your website by offering something that isn’t there is dishonest and will get you sent to the bottom of the search engine results in a hurry. You want visitors to your site to come there because they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, not because you are enticing them with lies.

Duplicate Content Is A Big No-No

If duplicate content is used on a website, then Google will flag it and send it packing in a hurry. Not only is duplicate content harmful to the SEO ranking of a website, it is just downright lazy. If a business owner is not comfortable with writing their own content, they will need to pay a professional to do it for them. The money that is invested in these professional writing services will more than pay off in the long run. Be sure to research a particular copywriter and their previous work before making a decision whether to hire them or not.

By avoiding these harmful SEO techniques, you will be able to build your audience organically and honestly.