Bitcoin Crash vs. Correction:
Do You Know the Difference?

The experts at SoFi teach that many bitcoin investors sadly enter their trades based on false signals. For this reason, it makes sense to improve your knowledge of crashes and corrections right now. Though one might seem like the other and vice versa, they are unique and give you different opportunities. Here’s a better look at how you can define corrections and crashes while forming a strategy from your analysis.

The Real Difference Between a Correction and a Crash

Crashes and corrections occur naturally within financial markets. Many mathematicians and thus investors believe that the markets are always adjusting. Some adjustments happen so suddenly that no evidence can be found to have foreseen them. Others occur when you have prior knowledge of forming trends. The former are crashes while the later are corrections. Be ready to know these differences before you buy cryptocurrencies by SoFi.


When investors say that prices are being corrected, they’re saying that prior prices were untrue. In some cases, investors over or undervalue their assets, yet when investors make these atypical decisions, such extremes can be corrected. Corrections won’t entirely put an economy into a recession but can wipe out the accounts of many traders who sought an outcome different from what happened. Corrections are also considered retraces, which occur as prices fall or rise away from their trend before going back to the trend.


Crashes occur from what’s called panic selling. When professors think about the 1930s market crash, they not only make a point to highlight that people were selling but that people sold in droves. When public markets lose confidence, it can lead to drastic drops in market values. Crashes are also defined by the time duration of lower prices. A correction that lowers prices can rebound within a month’s time. As historical evidence shows, crashes take up to 3 years to be resolved. Such crashes require the use of a bailout plan.

Though you are more likely to survive a correction, your money is at risk when still in the market during a crash. Many investors prepare for crashes by using stop losses to limit their potential risks.

Bitcoin Crash and Correction Trends

Knowing the market prices is how you best identify the onset of corrections and crashes. Crashes are easier to see, but they aren’t simple to identify prior. What usually wipes investors out is the sudden appearance of a crash. This is why you need to prepare correctly. Crashes should be approached as far away as you can; you don’t want to stay in your position or strategize trades during a crash. With a correction, the best approach is to first understand your market. Corrections can be foreseen with the help of technical analysis.

Making the most of crashes and corrections starts with identifying them. You can do that with the guide above and with a few practice trials in your trading software.