Binge TV – Online Originals for the Holidays
Bob Fine

As we all settle in for some time off here and there for the holidays, this year will be remembered when original entertainment productions (does it still make sense to say television?) came into their own online and found audiences at a critical mass to make them sustainable endeavors. It will also be remembered when Binge TV became part of our vernacular.

As a reference for the holidays, I decided to compile a list of available original shows for streaming online. I’ve actually had a hard time finding a comprehensive list, and the companies themselves aren’t doing a very good job of touting their originals clearly. If I have missed any, please add them in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

Bonus: One to watch with your kids. The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

I came across the Star Wars Holiday Special (Wikipedia) by chance last night, and wasn’t searching for anything Star Wars related. I actually remember when this was aired on TV. I was six. I remember it clearly because I watched the first ten minutes before being dragged off by my parents to some family affair. I never forgave them.

Note: Some of the animated series below are intended for adults, so take a look first before letting your kids watch.








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