Best Schools to Get Your
Online Business Degree

Getting an online business degree opens up doors for new jobs and experiences. But with so many schools offering online degrees, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your educational needs. Taking some time to think about your goals when getting your new degree can help narrow down the options. It is also helpful to take some time to research the specific skills you are hoping to learn and then search out the schools that have the classes you are hoping to take. Imaging yourself in the business world and what success will look like for you specifically can help you find the program to meet those individual goals.

As you learn more about the different options available with a variety of online school options, keep in mind that statistics such as acceptance and graduation rate, as well as tuition costs are also important to consider when making your final choice in which school is the best fit for your online degree. With so many options available, you can find an online educational environment that is tailor made to meet your individual goals as you learn.

Numerous Choices at Arizona State University

Arizona State University is one of the largest schools in the U.S. and is known for their business school. They have a variety of majors and classes with anything from economics to business data analytics. Pursuing a degree in economics is a great option to further your analytical skills while also learning about the business world and Arizona State has an extremely strong economics program online as well. Whether you choose economics or any other business major, Arizona State prides itself on supporting all of its students, both online and in-person.

Years of Experience at Oregon State

There is a reason that experience matters and when it comes to choosing a school for your degree, finding one with years of online experience is key. Oregon State has been thriving with their online business school and has offered online classes for over twenty years. One of the best parts of their program is that all of the professors’ lectures are saved to be able to access at your own convenience. Oregon State wants its students to succeed and offers extra support for online students to ensure their learning needs are being met while attending their online business school.

Learn from Amazing Faculty at Florida State

Becoming a business major means part of your skill set includes making connections with others in the business world. Enrolling in Florida State would connect you with some of the most respected and experienced business professors in the country. Florida State was established over 170 years ago and is known for their reputable faculty. The professors at FSU pride themselves on using strong communication skills to connect with their students, both in person and online. These connections will continue to serve you both personally and professionally long after you receive the diploma.

Challenge Yourself at Indiana University

When doing your research on the best online schools for an MBA, the Bloomington Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is often at the top of the lists. One of the reasons for their consistent top rankings is that their program is known for both its rigor as well as consistency. The professors that teach in-person classes also teach the online classes for the business school, so you are essentially receiving the same education online as you would in-person. Although online learning can be challenging at times, Indiana University sets up the program specifically to help their students succeed.

Stay Relevant at the University of Southern California

In the world of business, staying on top of current business trends is a vital part of success. The Marshall School of Business at USC is known for their cutting edge research as well as making strong connections among faculty and students. Part of what makes USC such an ideal option for school is that both the faculty and students are passionate about what they are studying and teaching. Passion goes a long way, especially when it comes to online school where things can feel monotonous and not as personal. If you are a student looking to have deeper connections with other peers and faculty, USC is a great option to make those connections online.

Excel at Carnegie Mellon

It is no secret that Carnegie Mellon is one of the top learning institutions in the country. Their school of business is known for having some of the most successful business people among its graduates. The Tepper School of Business offers somewhat of a hybrid approach to its online business school where the majority of work and classes is online, with a few weekends a year of required in-person training and classes.

Oftentimes students looking for an online program are concerned about the lack of connection that sometimes can accompany an online learning experience. If you are hesitant to commit to a full online program, this is an excellent option that gives you the best of both worlds. Plus, your resume would boast one of the top universities and earn you immediate respect among peers and future colleagues.

As you work to narrow down your options and find the just right online business school, use a list to help prioritize your wants and needs in pursuing your business degree. Before committing to a school, try and find a student that successfully completed the online program and ask them questions about their personal experience.

It is also worth reaching out to potential faculty you may be working with to see if you connect well and to ask for advice about the program. With so many great options available for obtaining your online business degree, you are sure to find a school that will fit all of your learning needs.