Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

A freelance platform allows anyone to turn their hobby, skills, or talent into money. It also allows business owners to find talent from across the globe they may not have access to otherwise. However, finding the right freelance platforms is the trick.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
What Are Freelance Platforms?  

A freelance platform is a type of online marketplace that connects businesses with freelance professionals. Business owners can utilize these platforms to find people to help enhance their business, handle projects, and manage jobs. Like other platforms used for other business purposes, such as Amaiz, each of the freelance platforms are unique with specific workflows, payment systems, and ranking algorithms. It is important to learn about the options available and choose one that meets these criteria.

While there is an array of options available, some of the top-ranked among business owners and freelancers alike are listed here.


This is a popular platform and used around the globe. Unlike its competition, Fiverr is appealing because of the gigs offered. Freelancers can package the skills they have and offer into “gigs” and then market them to potential employers, instead of having to bid on various projects.

Business owners can browse the gigs to find someone who meets their needs and the specific skillset required. Another appealing part of Fiverr is the many options available from t-shirt design and content to logo design, website design, and more. Also, the price is set by the freelancer when they list their skills, which means everyone knows what money is on the table before any work is done.


With more than five million business accounts and more than three million freelance jobs posted per year, Upwork is one of the most popular platforms used today. The main downside of this site is the tiered pricing system that is used. Many freelancers want more money from employers because of the 20 percent Upwork takes of their earnings. However, it is possible to find great workers through here, so paying the premium may be worth it for some business owners, as the cost is still less than hiring a full-time or even part time employee.


For those in Europe, this is a top freelance marketplace. This combines the concept of “gigs” used by Fiverr along with Upwork’s bidding. As a business owner, you can post a job and then have qualified freelancers bid on things they can do. Keep in mind, with this platform, you have a bit more flexibility than the others offer.

Another main player in the freelancing market, this site is known for the lower fees and array of jobs that are posted. As an employer, you have the option to post the job per hour or create a fixed price. The process to set up your business profile through this site is simple, so it is another viable option to find workers from across the globe.

Finding the Right Platform

As a business owner, you must be careful when it comes to paying for any service. Take some time to review the most popular platforms that are mentioned here, which will help you find one that suits your needs and that offers you access to the pool of talent that you require.

Some of the top considerations to keep in mind when choosing a platform to use include the budget you have for the project and how you get freelancers attracted to what you need done. Remember, the process of building your profile will take time, so regardless of the route you decide to take, be informed and upfront with the freelancers you hire.