B2B Digital Marketing Done Right: Expert Tips

B2B Digital Marketing Done Right: Expert Tips

A lot of companies whose customers are businesses don’t really see digital marketing as a viable marketing tool to use. This is because digital marketing is heavily associated with reaching a wide range of audience segments; in other words, it is the instrument to use when you are marketing directly to customers.

In reality, however, digital marketing can be incredibly valuable for B2B companies. In fact, a carefully crafted digital marketing campaign can turn a simple B2B sales funnel into an experience that all stakeholders enjoy. These B2B digital marketing expert tips will get you started with reaching B2B customers through digital means.

Targeting Is Everything

Just because you are marketing to B2B customers doesn’t mean you can forget about targeting your marketing campaigns correctly. In reality, targeting is a lot more important when you are trying to reach B2B customers, particularly the decision makers behind potential client companies.

Fortunately, digital marketing tools available today are also designed to help you target the right audience. Tools like ActiveCampaign and Salesforce can be used to track potential customers and expose them to different contents.

That last part is actually important. Careful targeting allows you to deliver the right content at the right time, which means you can be very meticulous with how you approach the audience. Instead of using one content for everything, you can use different calls to action at different stages of the campaign.

Earn Exposure

Making your presence and the presence of your products and services dominant online is another important thing to do when running B2B marketing campaigns. It is not just about setting up a website and social media pages either.

Everbilt Hardware is a good example of B2B (and B2C, in the case of Everbilt) digital marketing done right. Products made by Everbilt are available through different platforms, including sites like Octopart. Businesses looking for specific Everbilt hardware can find them through different channels.

The more exposure you gain, the higher your chances of reaching the right people in the right companies. Yes, exposure is still important even when your digital marketing campaign is tailored for the B2B market. After all, key decision makers use the internet like everyone else.


B2B digital marketing is overwhelming at times. It is even more so when you insist on doing everything manually. Between emailing prospective clients and making sure ads are displayed correctly, you have a lot going on in a simple digital marketing campaign.

Automation is the key to unraveling complex campaign-related tasks. Using previously mentioned tools like ActiveCampaign and Salesforce, it is easy to track the audience along your sales (and marketing) funnel. Running different tasks at different times becomes easier too.

Automation is the last piece of the puzzle. Combined with the ability to target specific market segments, even specific individuals or groups, and the wealth of opportunities to gain exposure that you can now access online, digital marketing becomes a powerful tool for B2B marketers. Once you have several campaigns started, you will start seeing their results and just how effective digital marketing can be for your business.