Avoiding IRS Penalties by Hiring Tax Lawyers in Atlanta Georgia

Sometimes, workers and business owners tend to maneuver their way through tax payment. This ends up putting them in trouble with the internal revenue services. Boycotting your tax payment can land you in trouble with the revenue services. You may be able to come out from it yourself which is alright. On the other hand, you might need a lawyer to get you out of trouble.

If the latter is the case, implying that you have defaulted in your tax payment or you’re owing, then you may need a tax attorney to help you out. The specialist helps out by defending you before the IRS. Also, he/she can help mitigate the penalties that you may incur by your lack of payment. There are several reasons and benefits of hiring a tax attorney Atlanta lists for both business owners and individuals.

Why You Need Tax Lawyers

When it comes to tax-related issues with the government, it is better to play safe. You may think you know it all and that you can defend yourself, but you end up making matters worse. The same reasons you need a defense lawyer for any suit will also apply in any issue with the IRS. Therefore, it may be dangerous to go before the IRS without an attorney. Below are several reasons you need an attorney in such a situation.

Technical ‘Know What’

Tax lawyers know all the necessary matters regarding tax. He/ she is also abreast with the laws regulating levies in your region. they keep themselves armed with recent judgments and provisions of the law. This is what is meant by the technical know what.

In matters of revenue and levies, there might be some technicalities that you’re not aware of. Therefore, in order not to stumble on such, you should get an attorney. It is also important to hire one because he/she helps to enlighten you on what you need to know.

This is so that you don’t have issues in the future. The attorney enlightens you and increases your knowledge about the subject matter. This will help you take better precautions in the future. You can check here for how to file a tax return.

Technical ‘Know-How

Of course, technical know-how is different from technical know what. The technical know-how involves procedural channels other than what is contained theoretically in the books. This, you may not have enough knowledge about. This is because know-how comes with experience in the field.

Having a tax lawyer will keep you in an advantageous position because you will always be informed on the next step to take. You will also be conversant about the way to go concerning subsequent payments. You need an attorney to do all this for you while you tend to your work and business.

Your Interest is Secured

When you hire a lawyer generally, you will have your interest in any issue secured. Even when you have implicated yourself to your attorney, he/she still protects and covers up for you. You begin to enjoy client-solicitor privilege. In any dealings with the IRS, you will have your interest secured. Whether you choose to represent yourself, or you’re represented by your lawyer, when it comes to signing documents, he will make sure that your interest is secured. Hiring a tax lawyer can enable you to confide freely.

This means that whatever you tell your lawyer remains safe and secured. You’re sure not to hear it somewhere else. You’re also sure not to be blackmailed later in the future. You only run into problems when you tell someone else sensitive issues relating to your levies payments. Even when you’re invited by the IRS, you can confide in your lawyer. He will brief you on better things to say so as not to implicate yourself.

It is a breach of solicitor-client privilege for a lawyer to disclose what was told to him/her in secret. This act can be detrimental to your interest and so it incurs penalties on the attorney. Therefore, generally, you’re safe when talking to your legal counsel.

Keeps You Informed

There is a saying that knowledge is power. Hiring a lawyer keeps you informed on the latest development regarding any subject matter. It is the same thing with hiring a tax attorney. He helps educate you constantly on the recent mode of doing things. One thing about law is that it is dynamic. Things and concepts can change from time to time. You may not know much about the laws and regulations concerning revenues and levies, especially young payers.

Young revenue payers may not have all the necessary information they need concerning this subject. It is on this note that they need the services of a specialist. Whether you’re a big business owner or a small business owner, this aspect is very important. It is also very important when you’re looking for a business to venture into. All these situations require the services of a learned professional. The expert will enlighten you on the dos and don’ts of the scheme.

Protects Your Money and Property

When you run into tax debts, your money and property may no longer be safe. This is because the IRS may instruct the bank to pay them directly from your account. They can also seize your properties. All will be in a bid to pay off your debt. However, it is not automatic. You will be duly notified and given time to pay.

It is when you’re unable to pay that you risk losing your property, valuable possession, or funds in the bank. This is where your lawyer comes in. In this case, you might especially require a tax resolution lawyer. He/she will help you secure your money and property and also handle your debt with the IRS. This link Investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/032116/top-6-strategies-protect-your-income-taxes.asp has tips on how to protect your income from taxes.

Things to Consider when Hiring Tax Attorney

There are certain things you need to consider when hiring a tax lawyer. This will help you in making the right choice.


The importance of experience cannot be over-emphasized. Experience is very necessary for any endeavor. When you have a lawyer with experience, he/she can maneuver their way through any situation or circumstance. With experience, he is conversant with various complexities that may arise. He will also be armed with sufficient knowledge on how to go about any challenges you face. when considering hiring a tax lawyer, make sure you pay attention to his level of experience.


It is also important to consider the cost of hiring such a lawyer. This is because most times, hiring such lawyers can be expensive. This is because of the role they play. You have to consider how you’re willing to spend in hiring such a lawyer. It can either be on a retainer basis. It can also be one-time hire. It all depends on your need. But whichever the case, it is advisable to put your financial strength into consideration. I strongly advise you to go for the best-priced attorneys. In the end, they’re always worth it.

Corporate and Official Representation with IRS Management

When you hire a tax attorney, you’re sure of having an able representative in any meeting with the revenue service management. There are instances where they’ll need someone to meet with regarding an issue which concerns you. In such instances, your attorney will be the one to represent you. Also, if there are any documents to be signed the lawyer will be the one to thoroughly go through the terms and explain them to you.

Final Note

Tax lawyers are excellent assets to have, especially during times of tax breach. You need them to help put you out of difficult situations. Especially situations that have to do with payments and levies. The best and experienced Georgia attorneys will give you value for your spending. They’re skilled professionals who know their job very well. You’re sure not to regret hiring one. During your hire, make sure to consider the above factors so that you make the right decision.