Anyone Can Translate 140 Characters Across 70+ Languages In Real-Time During The Olympics

Anyone Can Translate 140 Characters
Across 70+ Languages In Real-Time During The Olympics

One Hour Translation, a leading provider of translation and interpretation services around the world, announced that they will be providing free, on-demand Twitter translation services in real time during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. People from across the globe are encouraged to tweet @OHT during the Games to have their message translated in real time for free.

For tourists attending the Games, One Hour Translations’ Twitter Hub can provide valuable services such as translating directions to events or news stories about competitions or athletes, or simply as a way to communicate in the local language. Those enjoying the games from the comfort of their home can use the translation hub to encourage their favorite athletes or as a fun way to enjoy the Games with their family.“The Olympic games are about inclusion and unity, bringing people from every corner of the earth together on one stage to share in a once in a lifetime experience,” says Ofer Shoshan, CEO, One Hour Translation. “These Games will feature 6,000 Olympic athletes and team members representing 85 countries. As providers of high quality professional human translation, we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to the global community so that they may send their words of encouragement to their athletes and fellow citizens.”

One Hour Translation’s Olympic Twitter campaign will kick off during the opening ceremonies of the XXII Olympic Winter Games with a tweet from Mr. Shoshan. In order to utilize the service, global Twitter users must tweet @OHT  along with their message including what language they would like their message translated to, within moments @OHT will translate the message and respond back to the user.

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