Anatomy of a Startup’s Website

Anatomy of a Startup’s Website

When you start a business, you need to create a website as soon as possible. No business can survive without a strong online presence, so this should be near the top of your list of priorities. Here are the aspects that your startup business’s website should have at a minimum:


If you spend too much time making your website look great and complex, you might forget to make it usable. It’s important to remember that what people tend to care about most of all is usability. The entire website will be rendered useless if people are not able to use it and get to where they want to go to easily. Make sure that the options are laid out clearly, and that the website is as easy to navigate as possible. If people can’t navigate it, it won’t be long before they head to a different website entirely.


A Modern Design

The design of the website is important also. You want it to be attractive and show people that you have put some effort into how the website looks. You probably won’t be able to design the website by yourself if you have minimal experience in web design. So, consider hiring a website design expert who can do the work for you and achieve the plans you have in mind. If you need some inspiration, then just have a look at the most popular websites and ask yourself what people like about them.

A Call To Action

You need to know what you want people to do when they open your website’s home page. Have a call to action that points them in a particular direction and lets them know what you want them to do. This could be one of many actions. One of the first calls to action that most websites opt for is asking the visitor to submit their email and sign up for a newsletter. Or you could simply insert a banner advert that takes them to a certain page on your website that you want people to visit. Where you choose to direct people toward is entirely up to you, but don’t leave people wondering where they should go or what you want them to do.

An Introductory Video

Video content can be very useful for engaging people when they first arrive at your website. A short and simple video can give people an introduction to your website and your business. Startups need to show people what they’re all about as quickly as possible. No one has heard of you before since you’re new on the scene, and getting a snappy message out there could help inform people. It should be easy to digest, and it should tell everyone what you do and what the ethos is of your company.

Links To Social Media

Connecting the dots is important when you’re organizing your business’s online presence. This means that you need to create links on your website’s homepage to any social media accounts your business currently uses. This will allow people to quickly get access and follow you on the channels of their choice. Over time, this should help to grow your business’s audience on key social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. At the same time, make sure that you link back to your website when you are posting on social media.


The slower your website is, the more people will turn away and head elsewhere. People tend to be very impatient when they are waiting for a website to load. If they think that it’s taking too long, they will simply click on. This might be a frustrating fact, but it’s something that you simply have to deal with as best as possible. Make the speed of your website a top priority. This can be done by keeping the website relatively simple and uncomplicated. And be careful when you choosing a host for the website. A good host may be able to make your website faster.

Suitable For Mobile

Today, more people than ever are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. If your website is not suitable for people who do most of their browsing on their phone, then you will be ignoring a large part of the audience. If you are hoping to attract young people to your website, it’s even more important to make sure that your website has mobile capabilities. Ensuring your site has responsive design means is that it can be viewed properly on a mobile phone or tablet device. All websites need to have this design capability today in order to succeed.


It’s a good idea to have testimonials displayed on your business’s website. Of course, this won’t be possible to begin with if you don’t have any customers or clients to give testimonials. But as your business grows and you have more customers who are happy with what they’ve paid for, testimonials should be easier to come by. Testimonials are helpful because they show potential customers that other people have had a good experience using your business, and therefore it will help them to buy with confidence.