A Rising Star From The World of Video Content Creation

A Rising Star From The World of Video Content Creation

Behind every good product of entertainment, lies quality content. While the audience gets to see the artists in action or learn about the directors and producers, not many are aware of those who work toward building the core entertainment material. These are the content whizzes who bring about the real experience of a video. Christopher or Chris Yangello is one such young prodigy in the world of video content.


At a young age of 16, Chris is working for Sony Music Entertainment under their REDMusic Label. He has successfully created and produced video content for prominent new generation musicians like 6lack, Lil Skies, Cash Cash, Lost Boy Crow, Jake Miller, Logan Henderson, Lovely The Band, and many more. With his natural talent for sourcing and scouting for quality content, Chris has carved his niche in an industry which is largely driven by experience. His exceptional content creation skills and his passion toward his work has taken him to popular music festivals like Made in America Music Festival, Coachella, and Firefly.

Apart from filming events and creating unique video content, Chris has also been responsible for managing brands and record labels. He has conducted deals with multiple companies across fashion and music. In fact, he runs a lifestyle brand called Forever which features trendy casuals for younger adults. More than apparel, Forever serves as a personalized brand that promotes the adventures and memories of the youth. His recently launched YouTube channel has also catapulted his social media fame.

Christopher Yangello was born in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania to parents Chris Yangello and Amy Yangello. Chris is the second of three siblings. He is 16 years old and currently in his junior year in high school at Devon Preparatory School in Devon, Pennsylvania. He credits his success to his parents and mentors who he believes have driven him to follow his dreams.

From a very young age, Chris has made the camera his friend and his eyes to the world, looking for something unique and innovative every time. With 150000 followers on Instagram and still counting, Chris Yangello truly remains a star and a young achiever from the house of Sony.