A Review of the Top Social Sports Apps

When it comes to finding an app that delivers on sports content and social features, there’s a large gap in the current mobile market. Typically, apps focus on either OTT social media functions, such as TikTok and Twitter, or in-depth sports content, like Yahoo Sports and the ESPN app.

Finding an app that offers some sort of way to connect with like-minded fans is on the wish-list for many die-hard sportsters. However, there’s yet to be a well-rounded app that offers it all. The most recent craze has been sportsbook mobile apps, which started going live back in 2018.

For now, top brands are focused on building out free bets and other deals, which help onboard first-time punters with a new sportsbook. The emphasis is on creating a clean interface that users can intuitively feel out, then complementing the platform with promotional offers. However, the future of sports technology for fans is going to emphasize social features in addition to clean interfaces—for sportsbooks and beyond.

Some teams, such as FC Barcelona of Spain’s La Liga and the Kansas City Chiefs of the US’s NFL, have their own specific app. The FC Barcelona Official App and Chiefs Mobile app keep fans connected to the latest news and opportunities from each team, which include certain social outreach activities.

However, for the most part, the most popular leagues, teams, and players rely on social media accounts to stay connected and engage with their fans. For now, there are limited options for a one-stop-shop sports fan app that covers the most popular leagues worldwide. Here are a few of the top apps available today.


Sportening is designed to connect fans with like-minded individuals who can then start group chats. The idea is to create unique communities for specific subsets of fans, whether they’re diehard supporters of one club or like to ‘play the field’.

The app is an investment project from soccer star Luka Modric, one of the most popular and competitive players on Spain’s Real Madrid team. For now, Sportening only covers soccer—but it has 500,000 users as of March 2022. In addition to chat and social features, Sportening also delivers on news, player ratings, video clips, and more.

Team Stream (B/R App)

This app comes from Bleacher Report, one of the most popular sports publications in the US. The brand is known for covering breaking news and in-depth analysis for a variety of sports, as well as editorial topics that cover niche aspects of leagues, from mascots to ‘where are they now’ articles.

The Team Stream app (rebranded recently as the B/R App) is designed for sports fans that want coverage of certain teams only. The app features a range of customizable options, which let users tailor which information they see and how.

However, the app is also one of the most advanced in terms of social features. Today, the B/R App includes a variation of the like button (‘fire’), group and direct messaging capabilities, and plenty of modes for content sharing. There’s even an AMA (‘ask me anything’) for those looking to build a following on the app.


Not to be confused with Sport Mania, another app offered for Android and iOS devices, the SportsManias app is a popular social and news experience for fans. Originally released in 2017, the app has since become incredibly popular as augmented reality takes off. In the case of SportsManias, AR tech has revolutionized customizable emojis.

The emoji keyboard lets users take their favorite athletes and sports moments, then immortalize them through cheeky animations. However, the bulk of the app still focuses on sports news and customizable feeds, particularly for those who participate in fantasy sports.

The app got its start focusing on fantasy football in the US, but now covers a wide range of leagues. SportsManias’s ongoing success hints that future sports apps orientated for social use will see further segmentation from general platforms like Twitter or TikTok.

Instead, the future of social sports apps will include familiar aspects, like customized avatars and bitmoji characters, as well as video-based highlight reels that make for easy scrolling. The inclusion of breaking news and other topics rounds out the app, making it a top contender for those looking for all-around coverage.