A Guide for Improving Your
Video Content Creation

If you’re planning engaging content for your business, then you definitely want to have video content at the top of your list. Social media and online users want to see video content alongside images and blogs, and the more creative you can make your videos, the more your consumers will want.

The problem is that, for some businesses, video content creation can draw up a blank. How can you ensure your videos are everything they need to be if you’ve never created a video before or aren’t skilled with video marketing? How do you make sure that not only the content but the technical side too is at a professional standard?

To help, here is a guide for improving your video content creation, as well as knowing how to get started.

Examples of Video Content

Video content can be made with many different purposes in mind. There are a few key examples of video content that you might want to take advantage of for your business. These are:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Sales videos
  • Unveiling insight into your internal business and its processes
  • Social media posts
  • Brand storytelling
  • Case studies

How to Improve Your Video Content Creation

Invest in the Right Equipment

You can film an engaging video on even the simplest smartphone, but the right equipment all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for huge scale videos, such as business or factory tours or product demonstrations on a bigger scale, then you’ll need to look into the right filming equipment and anything extra such as camera stands.

Using the right equipment can not only make it easier for you to film your video content but can also result in the content appearing of higher quality with a higher production value — which will always work in your favor when it comes to your viewers.

Take into consideration presentation, when where and how your video will be viewed.   You can do a lot to grab attention using the right software, like Hiperwall primary controller to draw in viewers.  Let your viewers interact and have fun.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Keeping it Simple

With the previous point in mind, it’s also important to note that spending a large amount of budget or time on expensive equipment and high-scale productions doesn’t necessarily equal an engaging video. There’s nothing wrong with a simple video, even if it’s a webcam set up at a desk if you’re doing a presentation video for YouTube, as long as the content is interesting and the quality is high.

This all depends on the type of video you’re producing and what you’re aiming to achieve. If it’s an informative video for discussions with people, simple videos can be effective, but if you’re trying to show off a product or produce a highly persuasive marketing video, you may need more effects, higher-quality visuals, and anything which is going to make your product look the most professional.

Research the Most Popular Video Content with Your Target Market

You’ll need to know exactly the kind of video content your target market is watching the most, so you can then make sure you’re producing the type of video content they like. While any sort of video content is great for your business, there’s no point wasting time or energy on brand storytelling if your consumers really want to engage with product demonstrations.

It’s a good idea to check out some key statistics to see which kinds of video and other marketing content consumers are most engaged with.

Brand Your Videos

Put your branding all over your videos, and make sure to do so throughout. However, make sure it’s done in an authentic way and not simply trying to subliminally advertise your brand every few seconds.

Begin your videos with a professional presentation of your company name and logo, and also think about having your logo in the corner of the screen during each frame. You could also try for backdrops where necessary, which feature your business name, such as the background for a simple YouTube video. You can then finish your video off with a shot of your business name and logo again and include any social media handles, too.

Good Editing is Essential

Editing is what is going to help bring your video content together. It will help you to make it as concise as possible, include everything necessary, and also add in some engaging effects and transitions. Good editing can make the difference between a highly enjoyable video and a monotonous video.

To do this in the easiest possible way, editing software is the best option for being able to fully bring your videos to life. Editing is not only about the visuals, either, as you need to make sure the sound quality is the best it can be and fix any issues.

Give Consumers a Reason to Return

Video content is one of the best opportunities for sneak previews and teasers. If you can capture your viewer’s interest and then hold their attention for a teaser video, you can then guarantee that they’ll want to return for the big reveal. This is a great way to form ongoing content loyalty and provide consumers with exciting tidbits which will always leave them wanting more.

If you can also achieve this in a fun way, it can help to build a positive relationship between you and your consumer, especially if the topic is an exciting one.

Share Other Content Too

Focusing on video content doesn’t have to mean only creating your own. It’s a great opportunity to share videos from people or companies you support and to raise awareness. If you can share engaging and relevant videos and put your own comment or input on them, consumers will see you reacting with other pieces of content which may be applicable to them.

For example, if you’re an eco-aware company, you could share videos from large environmental groups or from good environmental causes. Consumers will then be able to see you interacting with causes that are in line with your brand values, and this will be good content to share on your social media pages, too.

Use these steps to improve your video content creation today and see the difference it can make to your engagement.