9 Apps for Gamification and
Having a Good Time

As the years have gone by people have found and adopted new ways of learning, whether it be at schools or the workplace. One of the most popular learning processes is known as gamification and it involves the use of video game elements to educate people on concepts that could generally be seen as complex or make mundane tasks more fun.

Many of these programs have been condensed into mobile apps that can easily be accessed. Gamification entails taking elements from online or standard video games and using them for another purpose such as learning.

This practice is extremely common in the best online casino games and has been for the last few decades, and you would notice if it were no longer used. Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the best apps for gamification and we’re lucky to have linked up with Kevin Cochran, an expert on mobile apps, (check profile) and he has provided the following information:

What to Look for in a Gamification App

There are a few things that you’ll need to be on the lookout for when it comes to gamification apps, this includes characteristics such as:

  • Game Simulations
  • Rewards and Achievements
  • Points
  • Action-based Challenges and Activities
  • Journeys
  • Leaderboards

These are also some of the features to look for in a casino online.

The Best Gamification Apps


This is an app that mimics a classic scavenger hunt and it’s perfect for establishing training programs over a long-term program or team building for a short-term project.

This app creates journeys by providing action-styled challenges that include scanning QR codes, recording videos, checking in to specific areas via GPS, taking pictures, and so on. By completing the challenges you’ll be able to gain points and earn rewards.


This is an app that uses the concept of gamification for corporate use. With Treehouse, employees will be able to learn new skills, pick up new data, and improve existing skills.

Treehouse also offers badges and points that are available on different stages and the completion of each course will provide you with a certificate of completion that can be shared online and printed.


Learning a new language is something that’s on most people’s bucket lists and with Duolingo, it’s become relatively easy and fun. Here you’ll be encouraged to keep going and it also motivates users to strive to learn as they want to win.


If you’re looking for functional and motivational support, then AgileCRM is the perfect professional tool for you or your organization. This app will provide you with a clear view of support and sales, end-to-end, along with being designed to attract and keep clients.


There aren’t many financial management apps out there that can do what Mint does as this was designed to assist users with managing their finances while also teaching them to handle their money better.

This app also has engaging tools such as goal-setting features, promoting healthier financial habits, rewards, and much more. This is great for anyone that wants to track their spending at the best online casinos.

Epic Win

Doing chores can be pretty mundane and this is where the genius of Epic Win becomes a factor. Here you’ll select one of five characters, much like an RPG (role-playing game) and you’ll be able to earn points based on the tasks that you’ve completed.

This game supports frequent tasks and reminds you to complete activities that are overdue while also letting you set long-term goals. Whenever a task is completed, you’ll be provided with an animated battle where your character destroys items that are found on your list.

Zombies, Run!

Fitness is something that many of us tend to neglect due to us not needing to perform any physical labor; however, what if there was a zombie apocalypse? Zombies, Run! Allows you to complete running objectives as it engages you in a storyline based on the outbreak of a zombie virus.

Each mission presents hostile situations with zombies and humans; however, you will need a VR headset to get the full experience of the game.


Personal productivity is the aim of the game with Habitica as it transforms your to-do list into a quest. Here you’ll be able to advance your character and with each task that you fail to complete, you’ll take a hit.


This is an app that provides your clients with the opportunity to provide referrals and reviews based on their experiences with your brand. This app aims to improve client value and assist organizations with building a community of client advocates.

The clients will also be provided with various incentives for their involvement and points can be exchanged for other rewards.

Online Casinos

There are also a handful of online casinos in Canada that use gamification. These will provide you with various rewards and there are also plenty of the best online casinos that go beyond that to provide you with an immersive gaming experience.