8 Secrets of Successful
Video Marketing

It’s no secret that using video as a marketing tool can be effective, but is it as easy as just shooting whatever footage you can from your iPhone and calling it a day? Sadly, this is most likely not the case. Here, we’ve compiled a list of eight helpful secrets that you can use to make your own successful marketing video.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Secret #1 – Tell a Story

If people wanted to read and hear sales pitches all day, they could watch Shark Tank highlights on YouTube. Don’t allow your company to be the guy that publishes salesy videos, and instead, focus your efforts on telling the story behind your product and brand. Videos allow you to invoke powerful emotions in your viewers, which can hopefully uncover their needs and desires in a subtle yet meaningful way. Remember: people are more conscious about who they shop from, so if you can tell a story that relates to them, you’ll have a higher chance of persuading them to choose you.

Secret #2 – The First Few Seconds Matter the Most

Have you ever grabbed a bucket of popcorn and spent five minutes watching an advertisement? Yeah, neither have we. People are programmed with short attention spans, especially when it comes to watching marketing ads on social media. You need to make the first two to three seconds of your video count, or your audience will swipe past without giving your video a second thought.

You can grab the attention of the audience by starting with a creative hook, customizing the thumbnail, and not being predictable. The stronger the emotions your video evokes, the likelier they’ll want to watch your video until the end. Humor is a great way to break the ice and attract attention at the same time.

Secret #3 – Educate the Audience

More than half of your audience are visual learners, which is one of the key contributing factors to why video ads are so effective. Use your videos to not only send a message to the audience but also educate them on what your product can do. The best way to do this in your video is to show your product in action with Film Impact Premiere Pro video transitions, especially if your brand is trying to fulfill a need that your consumer base hasn’t yet realized.

Secret #4 – With and Without Sound

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to play videos without sound. Facebook’s internal video player requires you to actively unmute the video to play audio, which is great for those who open up social media at night and don’t want to disturb their partners or roommates.

Before publishing, try playing your video without sound and see how well the visuals convey your brand’s message. You can optimize your videos for muted playback by focusing on creating eye-catching visuals, adding captions, and using textual descriptions for important specs and features.

Secret #5 – Incorporate a Call to Action

There’s no point in publishing a video on social media or anywhere else if you haven’t included a clear call to action. You can include different calls to action depending on the ultimate goal of your videos by asking viewers to subscribe or follow your social media page, leave a comment on the video, share the video with friends and family, or check out other content that you’ve published. The most common places to add a call to action are at the beginning and end of the video.

Secret #6 – Make Use of #Hashtags

Don’t just hashtag common words or phrases like #food, #love, or #livelifetothefullest. You’ll have to do your own research to discover which hashtags are trending and have the highest chance of searches. Also, one fatal error you can make is incorporating too many hashtags, which can make your post come off as cluttered, weak, or desperate. Ideally, nine hashtags are enough for optimal post engagement.

Secret #7 – Collaborate with Influencers

Consumers trust peer recommendations much, much more than advertisements, and it’s not difficult to see why. Why should the audience trust a company’s video showing off its good side when they clearly have an agenda? If a seemingly impartial entity can “vouch” for your brand, you’ll have a greater chance of reaching a wider market. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to social media influencers. They’re more than willing to put your products on their pages and boost your sales… for the right price.

Secret #8 – If All Else Fails, Hire a Marketing Video Agency

Even if you’ve gone done everything by the book, there’s no guarantee that your first, second, or third video will strike gold. If you’ve had enough of shooting footage and the tediousness of post-production, then you should consider hiring a video production agency. You can find trustworthy agencies in all major cities: Here’s a Miami video production company, several for New York, countless others for Los Angeles.

Get Started!

If you’ve had trouble getting more than a handful of views for each of your marketing videos, it’s time to change things up. Above, we discussed eight tips that you can follow to give your marketing videos a better chance of reaching a wider audience.