7 Web Design Elements That Boosts Sales

7 Web Design Elements That Boosts Sales

Every business needs a website which encourages people to buy or contact the company. This step is better known as conversion. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that your website’s design plays an important role in your conversion rate.

Yes, it’s true and following we will discuss some important web design elements. These elements can help boost your sales.


If you change your Cal to Action Button (CTA) from green to red, it will drive sales up to 21%. Coloring it yellow will only drive up sales by 6%. Red and Green are colors that people with color blindness struggle most.

Consider your audience first. If your target is women, then try blue, purple and green shades. If men, then go with Blue, Green, and Black.  Brown and orange are the least effective colors when it comes to deriving online sales.


If you have a product to sell, you better make a video about it. Doing so will help increase sales and conversations. According to a report, a product video can increase your sale by 120%. If you run a Business-to-Business company, then you must share the video with your clients and spread your story. It will help promote your upcoming or newly launched product.

Easy Navigation

Function comes before form. Therefore, you should focus on practicality instead of elegance. You better put the crème of the information above the fold. You should never force people to scroll and find what they want.

Focus on creating simple navigation so users can find items that aren’t available on the first page.

Unique Value Proposition

The unique Value proposition is the innovation, service or feature that makes a company attractive to the masses. In a marketing sense, it’s a promise of value which will be delivered to the customer. So, before you hire the top paid Miami Web Design Company, focus on creating a UVP for your audience.

Once you do that, make sure your clients can see it. Place it right up top close to your brand. 

Value Offers

If you offer a white paper or other free times, you need to assure you have used the word free. The audience should know you are offering something for free of cost. Your website is supposed to explain how you can fulfill the customer’s need and ix their issues. This is the number one duty of your site, looking pretty isn’t.

So, make sure your web design incorporates your business mindset. It should let people know you are here to help.

Short Forms

People don’t like sharing their information to everyone. They don’t want to give their city, state, address and history. If you have a form on your website, you better keep it short.  You should only ask the following detail:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Zip Code
  • Use a captcha test; it will help to fight spam.

Chat Box

Everyone loves an online company that has live chat support. Even if you can’t afford this at the start, you should at least put a virtual chat box. Most users prefer chatting instead of picking up the phone and dialing your business number.