7 Reasons You Shouldn’t
Ditch Your MBA Dream

Getting a Master’s in Business Administration is undoubtedly a giant financial leap to make at any point in your career. If you are going to study in a vast majority of the business schools around the world, you should budget to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. And this amount can be entirely on the high side if you are a recent graduate or young professional.

Given its high cost, it can be pretty easy to get discouraged about getting an MBA. But much more than what you’ll spend to acquire this highly sought certification, an MBA will do your career a lot of good in the long run. So, if you have ever thought of adorning your professional status with an MBA, below are seven reasons to follow through on that dream.

An MBA Tones Your Financial, Managerial and Entrepreneurial Muscles

Generally, the curriculum for an MBA revolves around business-inclined subjects like economics, entrepreneurship, management, communications, and accounting. The combination of these subjects does not just rely on theoretical information. Still, it gives students access to real-world business principles.

When you obtain your MBA from a renowned, reputable school, encountering and interacting with the latest trends in business and management will be inevitable. You will get equipped with the necessary financial, managerial and entrepreneurial skills to thrive in the business world.

An Opportunity to Widen Your Network

Nothing beats an MBA experience as the valuable network of people you can reach during your study. A business school brings you close contact with business associates, management professionals and board directors from different industries. And suppose you know how to utilize your networking skills properly. In that case, there are no limits to the achievements you can make in your career (globally) upon bagging your degree.

MBA Holders Earn Way More Than Their Degree Counterparts

business insider report reveals that a large percentage of business school graduates have seen up to a 200% increase in their salaries upon bagging an MBA. While this increase in income is not an automatic process and has a lot to do with how well you utilize your time in business school, an MBA is a common denominator.

You Can Become Your Boss

If you’ve ever wanted to establish your own company, an MBA gives you a significant head start. During your study, you are bound to interact with professionals succeeding in the business you wish to kick start. Your course curriculum will also be based on up-to-date business principles practised in several sectors. With these principles, you can seek ways to structure your potential business ideas, and also get help from your MBA study network.

That Career Switch Can Be Easier

Switching careers – especially in advanced managerial or leadership roles – does not happen effortlessly. But given that an MBA gives you practical, hands-on experience, a career switch can be made relatively easy when you earn one.

The versatile options available for MBA programs also make career switches possible. You can quickly master your prospective niche even before your field experience. Do not also forget that an MBA sets you up for promotions if you eventually decide not to make that switch from your current field of practice.

You Can Choose to Study Your MBA Online or as a Part-Time Student

Are you already neck-deep in your career and may not be able to travel across oceans to bag an MBA? Still, keep the dream aglow. Your location and engagement level will not stop you from taking a quantum leap in your career. A good number of institutions offer the option of taking your MBA study part-time or online.

Schools like Nexford University, Nottingham Trent University Online, and the Lebanese American University Online can be your top choices to earn an MBA online.

You can also take up an Executive MBA if you are already in the field and a leadership position. And your employer may settle the bills on your behalf.

Your Age Is Not a Barrier

You might be troubled that you are too old to return to school, but that’s not true for an MBA. A Forbes article reveals that Harvard Business School accepts over 10% of applicants with between 7 to 17 years of experience in their respective industries. The same report also revealed that schools like UCLA Anderson and Columbia admit applicants above 40 years of age.

You may not have figured this out, but the older you are, the longer you have most probably been on the field. Consequently, it means you’ll have more experience in the business environment than a recent bachelor’s degree graduate. And business schools consider relevant experience as a significant criterion during selection.

An MBA may not be the cheapest degree to earn. But it offers a wide range of career, financial and academic advantages when you opt for it – especially in a renowned institution. Fortunately, with a Nexford MBA, you enjoy the exclusive benefits of bagging an MBA in 5 different specializations, but on a platter of convenience. So, if you’ve ever wanted to bag an MBA, now is the right time to do so.