7 Reasons Aspiring
Performers Should Use YouTube

There are billions of people in the world and trying to stand out among the crowd can be incredibly difficult. For aspiring or lesser-known performers, it can be disheartening to go through the process of finding an agent, attending auditions, and facing repeated rejections. Depending on where the person lives, it may not even be possible to locate a suitable agent or attempt to audition for directors or producers. YouTube presents a viable way for millions of users to upload videos of themselves singing, dancing, acting, talking to the camera, or simply going about their daily lives. The platform is free to use and has a large user base, making it the perfect choice for many people to begin their careers.

Large User Base

YouTube is popular all over the world and has an incredibly large and diverse user base. Whether the performer wants to attract a specific niche audience or appeal to a vast array of people, they will likely find at least some success on the platform.

Control Over Content

Unlike traditional media types, it is possible for a performer to showcase all of their talents on the same platform. That makes it perfect for people like Dan Avidan, a comedian and singer who also enjoys hosting several different shows on YouTube. Instead of relying on a director, editor, or other industry professional to make sure that the end result is excellent, the performer can monitor the entire process to ensure it turns out exactly the way they envisioned.

Ease of Use

Creating an account and uploading videos on the platform is simple. Although the interface has gone through some changes since it was first introduced, users can navigate their profiles without trying to find and figure out most of the features. There are many helpful guides available, and indeed, some exist on the platform itself that explains how to successfully post videos.

Online Portfolio

The audition process can be stressful, especially for new performers. The only chance they have to make an impression is during the actual audition. Even if they leave headshots and an impressive resume or curriculum vitae, if they did not do well, they will probably not get a call back. However, a YouTube channel that is stocked with videos showing off a full range of the performer’s skills can impress potential agents, casting directors, recording executives, and agencies.

Free Video Uploads

Breaking into the acting, singing, or dancing industry can be hard. It also tends to be expensive, as headshots, portfolios, costumes, and other necessities are not free. Creating and maintaining an account on YouTube is free for both the performers and the users. This is fortunate, as most inexperienced performers do not have large budgets to create glamorous sets or expensive productions. However, many videos posted on the platform are created using simple, inexpensive backdrops, such as a blank wall or outdoors at a park. Starting out by posting content without a plethora of props or an elaborate set will not look out of place and can be quite effective if the performer is creative and engaging. Fancy cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and a green screen are not necessary for anyone who wants to get started on the platform. Many people simply use their smartphones to record themselves performing and then use free editing software to put the video together and clean up the sound before posting.

Instant Feedback

As with many other websites, YouTube allows users to post comments. While the person posting the video has the option to turn off comments, many creators find the comments helpful. After they post a video, they can see how many people have viewed it and read any feedback. By evaluating the praise and criticism a video receives, performers can determine what was effective and what might need to be changed. Creators who do not want to be tied down by a genre can experiment with many different kinds and ask viewers for input as to what they like the best.

Viral Marketing

A video that explodes in popularity and accrues thousands or millions of views in a short time is considered viral. If this happens, it can skyrocket the performer’s visibility on the platform and drastically increase the number of people who subscribe to see more content. Because the platform is live 24 hours a day, it is very possible for people to observe that their videos have less than a hundred views and wake up in the morning to see that they have gone viral. You must have some marketing tactics to make it viral. Besides boosting the performer’s popularity, a viral video can also generate advertising revenue.

While some people who start their careers on YouTube find fame through a record deal or a role in a television show, others prefer to stay strictly on the platform throughout the course of their career. Whatever path is chosen, posting YouTube videos can be a great choice for aspiring performers.