7 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring
an SEO Company in Phoenix

Are you looking to hire a reputable SEO company? This process might prove difficult because of the plethora of such providers in the market.

Many business owners are taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge about SEO. Their insufficient knowledge makes them vulnerable to the tricks used by unscrupulous “professionals.” Therefore, businesses should take a disciplined approach to hiring the best firm possible. There are numerous mistakes you should avoid while getting on the first page of search results on Google. The most common mistakes are explained in detail below.

Buying Backlinks

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is hiring an SEO company in Phoenix that buys backlinks. Companies buying backlinks from shady providers will only provide your business with automated, low-quality backlinks. The pages where these links appear are equipped with nothing else but irrelevant links.

Although buying backlinks is their strategy for achieving fast results, it goes against the strict policies of Google. This search engine is explicitly against buying links in return for money. By collaborating with providers that use this practice, your business will get penalized. Approximately 95% of Google penalties are related to low-quality backlinks. The last thing you want is for your site to be penalized. Click here to see eight steps for recovering from Google search penalties.

Believing In False Promises

Another mistake to avoid when hiring an SEO company is believing in empty promises. A large number of companies promise overnight results in an attempt to convince businesses into using their services. These professionals even provide prospective clients with timeframes in the course of which they expect to complete the goals they’ve set, such as several weeks or months.

Nevertheless, the only method for gaining rapid results is by employing black-hat techniques, which aren’t approved by Google. The real truth is no SEO provider can forecast the exact timeframe it would take for website rankings to improve. The exact timeframe is dependent on multiple factors, like the most recent trends in the industry and the competitors in the market.

Business owners should bear in mind that SEO requires time. The results are likely to improve month after month without setting a limit. The key to a successful online business is patience. Only by being patient, the ultimate results will indeed fulfill your set goals.

Partnering With A Black-Hat SEO Company

Another bad decision to avoid when looking for an SEO company in Phoenix is choosing one that relies on black-hat practices. Contrary to white-hat firms, black-hat providers use no targeted keywords and ranking tools. Conversely, they use hidden links and spam keywords. Black-hat techniques are incredibly harmful to business reputation.

The outcome of partnering with a shady SEO provider would be receiving a penalty from Google, such as deindexing your website. As a result, you would have to waste lots of time persuading Google to index your site again. There is no reason to put your reputation at risk so as to become successful by taking a shortcut. Visit DifferenceBetween.info to check out the difference between white-hat and black-hat SEO.

Getting In Touch with No References

Not contacting references is another mishap that business owners should avoid when hiring an SEO company in Phoenix. During interview appointments, most potential clients request no reference list from providers. Even when some companies offer such a list to prospects voluntarily, most of them fail to spare some time to contact the clients on that list.

Nevertheless, just because a provider has willingly decided to provide you with a reference list, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust it completely. You are advised never to blindly trust the provided references until you have inspected their credibility. Many SEO providers would claim to have extensive experience in your industry, but a handful of them would be genuinely experienced.

Neglecting How Important Your Site Is

Another mistake that businesses make when hiring an SEO company is ignoring the value of their websites. According to most clients, social media is a vital aspect of their strategy. In the meantime, they pay no attention to how important their sites are. A website is the initial point of contact between a business and its clients.

SEO professionals can work miracles for your site following a comprehensive audit, which detects the aspects in need of immediate assistance. The majority of SEO Phoenix companies perform SEO audits and website development services. These consultants provide useful suggestions for creating more appealing content, implementing a mobile-friendly design, and targeting the most relevant keywords. Website audits should never be considered irrelevant to avoid a disappointing outcome.

One-Size-Fits-All Packages

Business owners should avoid making the mistake of using one-size-fits-all packages. Each business has a different site due to its different needs, target audiences, and goals. Therefore, you should avoid firms whose packages are designed to fit businesses of all sizes and search for a better fit.

Good SEO companies need to understand the core of your business and objectives, conduct competition research, and do website analysis. Consequently, you should beware of companies trying to lure you by offering packages. It’s essential for the provider you hire to analyze your business and customize a package to fit your requirements.

Hiring On Price Alone

There is an old saying that’s still valid in view of choosing services and products based on price alone. It says that you get only what you pay for. In most situations, this saying is true. The price factor shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when deciding.

Due to their low budgets, most business owners decide to choose the lowest-cost service in the market without taking the expertise and experience of providers into account. SEO companies that charge higher expenses are thought to provide a higher ROI than those offering cheap services.