7 Instagram Marketing
Tips for Small Businesses

Instagram has proven to be one of the most powerful social networks for businesses that want to grow their brand’s popularity, have a loyal customer following, and make more sales. You cannot ignore the power of this platform as a small business that is keen on succeeding through smart digital marketing. Here, we look at seven Instagram marketing tips for small businesses.

Collaborate With Influencers

One of the quickest ways to gain brand visibility on Instagram is to embrace influencer marketing. Essentially, this is where you use an individual or celebrity who has built a reputation around your niche to market your products and services. This is best sustained by launching an Instagram affiliate marketing program where you pay commission to these influences based on how well their posts perform and the sales you make.

Switch To a Business Profile

Most small businesses make the amateurish mistake of failing to switch to a business profile when using Instagram. This comes at a cost since a business account comes with extra features that make it easier to expand your profile, track the performance of your posts, and sell on Instagram. By filling out your bio strategically, you will also create an instant line of communication that allows more people to get in touch with your brand. Finally, you will easily advertise on Instagram and reach out more efficiently to your target demographics.

Use High-Quality Photos

Imagery is a powerful tool in marketing, and on Instagram, the impacts of high-quality photos are more profound as this is primarily a photo and video sharing social network. As such, to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, you should master the techniques of good photography and learn how to use a photo editing app (not the default filters on Instagram).

Have A Hashtag Strategy

You need a proper Instagram hashtag strategy as these are a make-or-break element for your posts. To keep on the right track, you will need to:

  • Be conscious about the number of hashtags on your posts
  • Research a hashtag before using it and stick with the most relevant ones that have high search volumes
  • Remember to use hashtags in the comment section
  • Vary your hashtags to attract a diverse audience

Write Great Copy

The difference between a viral post and one that only has one like is its content. Show out your creativity by crafting a good copy that will send the right message to your target audience while propelling them to take action.

Use Instagram Stories

Ever since Instagram stories emerged in 2016, they have changed how users can consume content by looking at multiple pictures or videos stringed together. It gets better as using Instagram stories will get you more noticed, allow you to show your personality, and interact better with your followers.

Engage Your Followers

Nobody loves an egotistical business, and to win over the hearts of your Instagram followers, you have to keep them engaged. Prioritize responding to inquiries, running fun contests, and always being available for your clients.


Instagram has offered countless small businesses a competitive edge in today’s cut-throat market and you can gain so much from this platform by using these marketing tips. You can also use the Instagram scraper online to help you with your emails.