7 Careers You Can Pursue With a Degree in Healthcare

7 Careers You Can Pursue With a Degree in Healthcare

Did you know that in fall 2019, 19.9 million students attended colleges and universities?

Colleges and universities offer a range of courses, but it’s always good to know before you attend college what type of career can you pursue. Keep reading to find out what your future could look like when you obtain a degree in healthcare.

Studying healthcare opens up a wide range of career routes, from becoming a hospital CEO to a biomedical engineer. You can also go into careers in healthcare administration.

Hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

You might decide to put your healthcare degree to use in one of the many health management careers available. One of which is the hospital chief executive officer role. As a hospital CEO, you will be in charge of managing and operating the hospital or organization where you work.

Management careers such as hospital CEO are high pressured roles but bring in high salaries of around $166,000.

Director of Nursing or Chief Nursing Director

Another option for careers in healthcare management would be the role of the director of nursing. This role would mean that you are responsible for managing a nursing department.

This is another high-pressured role within healthcare management careers; however, this also sees a high salary, sometimes higher than the hospital CEO.

Research Scientist

The role of medical scientists is to conduct research to identify new medicines and treatments for patients. If you enjoy medical research, this role might be great for you.

Biomedical Engineer

Those who are looking for a role that requires a mentally and physically demanding career might consider becoming a biomedical engineer. As a biomedical engineer, you will spend your time researching and designing medical equipment and devices.

Hospital Administrator

It is possible to take more of a behind the scenes type of role in this profession, so if you want to help the healthcare world but don’t want to be center stage, this might be career might be ideal for you. As a hospital administrator, you will ensure your healthcare facilities are running efficiently, by hiring doctors, developing budgets, and creating new guidelines for best practices.

Health Educator

If you want to make a difference to the people, you might want to think about becoming a health educator. This role involves teaching people about how to make good health decisions and about certain behaviors that promote wellness.

Clinical Research Coordinator

The role of a clinical research coordinator is a very satisfying one, that involves supporting, facilitating, and coordinating clinical trial activities. These clinical trials are imperative to understanding the world of medicine, so your role will always be interesting and feel important.

If you really want to study healthcare but don’t have the time to attend college or university, then why not try taking these healthcare degree classes online? Online classes can provide you with all the knowledge you need to obtain a qualification but can sometimes be cheaper, easier, and quicker.

Put Your Degree in Healthcare to Better Use

As you can see, a degree in healthcare opens the doors to many possibilities and opportunities. If you’ve already got a healthcare degree and are wondering what to do next, look into the options above. There are many fields in healthcare to explore.