6 Ways to Save Money on Monthly Expenses

By making a few small changes, you can take back control of your money. Spending habits can quickly get out of control if you don’t manage them well. Here are a few ways to get your spending (and saving habits) back on track.

1. Make Changes to Your Grocery Shopping Routine

We are all creatures of habit. But now and then it’s a good idea to try something new. Try changing it up by changing where you shop. You may be pleasantly surprised. Try visiting a different grocery store from time to time.

Keep your receipts and compare your average spend. By doing this, you can see if you are spending more or less at a specific store for the same type of groceries. Different stores may offer different specials during peak seasons or school holidays.

2. Take Advantage of Customer Loyalty Programs

Most big chain stores have implemented some form of a customer loyalty program. These programs allow you to both save money on selected specials as well as earn rewards.

By earning rewards, some programs allow you to bank these rewards as points that have a monetary value. You can then use these points and off-set the cost against your next in-store purchase.

3. Shop the Sales

Don’t buy the first thing you see. Take some time to shop around and make sure you can’t get a better deal somewhere else. Don’t buy for the sake of buying though, just because something is on sale. Make sure it is something that you need before making your purchase.

When it comes to clothes shopping, wait for the end of season sales and stock up for next year. Some great advice for moms is to shop for the kids during the sales, buying one size up.

4. Pack A Brown Bag for Lunch

Regular dining out can become expensive. The same applies to buying your lunch every day. Opt instead to pack a lunch bag at home and bring your lunch to work. This is a great way to reduce your monthly dining costs.

5. Reassess Your Car Insurance

The insurance industry is a cut-throat, competitive industry. With so many players in the game, there are always savings you can find. If you have been using the same car insurance company for some time, why not shop around to look for a better deal. Get it now and see how you can save on your monthly car insurance premiums.

6. Track Your Spending

Even though this sounds like a tedious task, keep a record of your expenses. This is a great way to get a clear understanding of exactly where your money is going. Ensure that you are not spending more than you are earning.

There are many apps available for download on either your PC or your mobile device. By using the app, you can keep an accurate record of every transaction. If the app doesn’t work for you, there is always the traditional envelope method.

And there you have it, 6 ways you can start saving money. But there are so many more. Once you start looking at the world more frugally you will see that saving money is a snap.