6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful tool for promoting your products and services online, boosting the visibility of your site and generally gaining traction without having to rely on organic SEO.

If you are a newcomer, it can also be an intimidating platform to get to grips with, so here are a few tips that should help you as you start your Google Ads journey.

Test The Waters with A Compact Budget

It might be tempting to go in all guns blazing and throw lots of money at your fledgling campaigns, but this is a sure-fire way to waste a lot of cash without really learning anything useful.

Instead, your initial forays into the world of paid search ads should be carried out with a minimal budget, as this will let you get a flavor for what you need to do without leaving you out of pocket.

Opt For Simplicity

Rather than attempting to leverage every last capability that Google offers via its advertising platform, you should focus on getting to grips with the basic functions before you explore its full potential.

For example, rather than trying to take a scattergun approach by making lots of different ads, instead focus your attention on perfecting just one.

Tracking Phone Calls from Google Ads

There are all sorts of tracking capabilities built into the platform, such as being able to leverage Google Analytics call tracking to see when customers have clicked through to make a phone call after seeing your ad.

Being attuned to these metrics will let you know how well an ad is performing, and also allow you to calculate ROI more accurately, since you might make conversions via calls more successfully than after users click through to your landing pages.

Choose Keywords Carefully

Arguably the trickiest part of making the most of Google’s ad service is selecting the keywords you want to target with your promotional efforts.

These need to be relevant to what you are trying to sell to users, but you also have to be aware that if you are too general or broad with your choices, you could end up losing money on a campaign, because people might click through in large numbers, only for a small proportion to actually convert.

Being specific with keywords, on the other hand, may reduce the number of people who actually see your ad, but could not only generate a solid click through rate, but also a high enough level of conversions to justify your expenditure. Leveraging longer phrases, which you have also researched to check their suitability, is a sensible strategy.

Craft The Copy to Create a Connection with Users

Another area of your ads which should be given plenty of attention is the actual copy you include. While you only have a limited number of characters within which to convince people to click, you can still make an impression, both figuratively and literally.

Once again, the aim, aside from being compelling and concise, should be to ensure that users understand what your ad offers so that your landing page will meet their needs if they click through, rather than potentially appealing to users who might not actually find your site relevant.

Make Changes If Something Isn’t Working

As your first campaign gets underway, be sure to monitor its performance closely and see whether or not you are getting the results you want. If it is failing to deliver a decent number of clicks and conversions, try to establish what is going wrong, and do not be afraid to make changes.

Over time your experience with Google Ads agency will improve your skills in harnessing it, so do not be afraid to fail at first.