6 Reasons to Consider Text Message Marketing 

The average person will look at their cellphone around eighty times in a day. It is not surprising, therefore, that 98% of marketing text messages are opened. Compared to email marketing campaigns which only have a 20% open rate, the attraction for businesses is clear. Text message marketing is also referred to as SMS marketing and involves sending promotions, announcements, or information directly to a customer’s cellphone. Customers usually sign up for text message marketing via an online form or by sending a keyword to a short code.

This article outlines how text message marketing works as well as 6 reasons why businesses should consider including it in their marketing strategy.

Text Message Marketing Requires Consent

Marketing consent can be a complex topic, but with text messages it is straightforward. To be able to send text messages to customers, the customer needs to opt in. They might do this by texting a particular word to your dedicated short code, e.g. you tell customers to text “BOGOF” to 88880, and once you have sent the information, they need to access the special offer. You can also tell them they may receive further messages in the future if they do not opt out.

Alternatively, customers may explicitly give their consent to receive marketing text messages via an online form. In line with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA text message consent regulations, it should always be easy for customers to opt out of text marketing.

Text Message Marketing Is Direct

Over 90% of text messages are read in the first few minutes after they have been received. When you think about the number of emails which sit in inboxes for days or are ignored/deleted, there is no contest. Most adults own a cellphone and text messages do not require an internet connection in order to be delivered.

It Is Easy to Track Performance 

Whether you choose to send SMS or MMS (multimedia messages), you can track performance incredibly easily from a campaign management platform. The software can enable marketers to send, monitor, and evaluate the success of text message campaigns from one dashboard.

You Can Interact with Customers Quickly and Simply 

Text messages enable you to interact with customers easily and give them an easy way to buy a product or use a service. Your text messages can be replied to, or you can include a clickable link within them which takes the customer directly to a website, social media account, or form.

Text Messages Results Are Immediate

Because SMS and MMS messages are delivered instantly, you can get insights into its success straight away. You do not need to wait for days to evaluate whether a campaign has worked or not as you will have all the information you need within hours, if not minutes. This is particularly important if you are asking for feedback from customers or clients about a product or service.

Text Messages Can Be Personalized 

Text messages can be personalized to the recipient so that you address customers as individuals and ensure they feel valued. The more you can show customers that you are connected with their needs, the more customers you will have returning to you.