53% of Shoppers are Influenced by YouTube… Here are the Videos They’re Watching

53% of Shoppers are Influenced by YouTube… Here are the Videos They’re Watching
By Tony Sheng

Think about the last big purchase you made, something that required a little thought. Perhaps you compared options from a few different brands to find the perfect fit for your needs…weighing the pros and cons for both.

What was it? A video game? A car? Maybe a new pair of pants?

Whatever it was, we’re willing to bet we know where you went.


How did we know? Because 53% of shoppers are influenced by YouTube. For the 47% of you that shook your head… well… you’re probably not the audience we’re trying to reach. We’re big believers that more and more shoppers are flocking to YouTube, even over Amazon, for product reviews.

If you’re a brand, searching “product reviews” on YouTube won’t surface the majority of videos influencing your customers on YouTube . There are hundreds and millions of videos out there influencing your shoppers that don’t have the words “product” or “review” anywhere near them.

Instead, they’re words like “unboxing,” “torture test,” “haul,” and “pickup.”

So our team set out to find the most important video categories that influence shoppers to help you understand the videos that matter for your products.

When we came up for air, “Beyond Reviews: The 12 Types of Videos Already Influencing Your Customers” was born.

Here’s an example of just some of the info you’ll find for one of the videos. The “haul”.

137 million views on “back to school” hauls alone.

In “Beyond Reviews,” you’ll find:

  • -Twelve categories of videos influencing shoppers
  • -Definitions for each video
  • -Examples galore
  • -Mind-boggling stats pulled from YouTube with ZEFR technology

Big shoutouts to our blog editor Erik Weber and superhero designer Michelle Calderon for leading the charge on this beautiful piece. We’re very proud of it and hope you find it both informative and entertaining.

This post originally appeared on the ZEFR blog. We’re republishing it here with permission.

Tony Sheng leads digital marketing at ZEFR. He likes concerts, surfing, and drinking coffee. Tweets at @tonysheng.