5 Well-Known Traders To Follow Using StockTwits

5 Well-Known Traders to Follow Using StockTwits

As a green investor looking for mentors to follow, StockTwits can be an invaluable resource to learn about market trends. It works similarly to Twitter in that anyone can share their investment and financial insights among a community of like-minded people and plenty of market analysts, hedge fund managers, and seasoned financial professionals have verified accounts. StockTwits verified accounts work similarly to Twitter’s verified accounts, in that StockTwits has guaranteed the person running the account is who they say they are. This accountability gives the social network an edge in the financial markets because it allows you to find financial professionals whose investing style closely matches your own.@christopherbrecher

Chris is the CEO and President of BrecherTrading.com and has been on the market since 1982. He’s been active on StockTwits since 2009 and regularly makes calls and explains his strategy in a fairly transparent manner. He’s a good person to follow if you’re new to investing and learning the ropes and want a seasoned trader to interact with as you watch the market.


Making a living as a day trader has its ups and downs, but Warrior Trading is a good account to follow because of the insight into his trades and learning resources he often shares. Learning about economic cycles and the boom and bust of day trading can be a massive benefit to anyone looking to break into the market as a serious trader. He also hosts YouTube live streams of any moves he’s making on stocks, so it’s another invaluable experienced trader resource available to anyone.


Jon Boorman is a seasoned technical analysis trader and hedge fund manager who shares occasional insights that are useful to newbie traders. He puts his money where his mouth is and owns everything on his StockTwits watch list, making him a good investor to follow since he shares his moves openly.


Another strong technical analysis trader who has also written a book about trading called Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes. This StockTwits account often has sound advice for anyone looking to get into the technical analysis of stocks, equities, and options. His account is highly active and great to follow for anyone who is curious about using technical analysis to gain an edge when day trading stocks.


Greg Harmon is the former president of Dragonfly Capital, a hedge fund managed and ran out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Harmon’s StockTwits account is active daily and shares some tips for people who are interested in stock and options trading. Occasionally he shares technical analysis pieces from the Dragonfly Capital blog which are invaluable for understanding how the market is expected to move that week based on several factors.

Please keep in mind that the advice offered on these accounts is not intended to be investment advice and is merely observations professional traders have made from watching the market for their trades. You are not guaranteed to make money by executing the exact trades they make, and as you’ll see, sometimes they close the day in the red, too.