5 Ways to Use Video in Your Real Estate Recruiting Process

When it comes to real estate recruiting, one of the most important tools is video. It’s one of the best ways to get your message across because it engages multiple senses. Studies also show that in 2020 and beyond, more than 85% of internet traffic in the United States will come from videos! You definitely should be taking advantage of that statistic.

Of course, you can’t rely on video alone. You should still use a variety of tools to achieve your objectives, including software like Broker kit. This CRM software allows you to automate emails, manage leads, and keep up with hundreds of schedules.

Nevertheless, you also shouldn’t discount the power of videos. You can use it in multiple ways that complement your existing tools. Here are just a few examples:

Conduct Free Webinars

Real estate agents who want to make waves in the industry are always on the hunt for learning opportunities. They are looking not just for thought leaders who can mentor them, but also organizations that can support their development. By conducting webinars, your brokerage can accomplish these two things for candidates.

Try to invite well-known industry figures as speakers to draw in a bigger crowd. You can also try experimenting with the schedule, since many candidates and interested applicants may not have the same free time. At the very least, record the session and make it available at a specified date.

It’s also a good idea to conduct the first few episodes of your webinar for free. Then, for subsequent videos, you can ask people to pre-register before giving them the link to the webinar. This way, you can also build a list of interested parties whom you can potentially contact later for possible real estate agent jobs.

Focus on Company Culture

One of the biggest factors behind a real estate agent’s decision to join a brokerage is company culture. After all, nobody wants to work in an organization where they feel like they don’t belong or that doesn’t support their goals.

The problem is that it’s difficult to showcase your company culture through pictures and words alone. It’s something more dynamic, which can be hard to capture in stills. This is why video is the more optimum medium for highlighting your company culture. It’s literally showing, not telling, candidates what the environment is like at your brokerage.

Some of the best kinds of company culture videos include “day in the life” updates of agents. This type of content can make things feel more organic, as opposed to affected or scripted. A virtual office tour of your brokerage is also great, as well as a showcase of the benefits that await successful applicants.

Explain How You Hire

For job seekers, it can be frustrating to wait. It’s scary not to know what to expect, whether you’re in line for another interview or if you’re already at the final stage of the hiring process. Meanwhile, if there’s a superstar candidate among your potential recruits, they likely have other offers waiting. You don’t want them accepting those other jobs, so it’s best to let them know what’s going on.

This is where videos can come in. You can create an explainer regarding your hiring process, detailing each step and providing an estimated figure with regards to the timeline. This way, your potential recruits can set more realistic expectations and you avoid wasting each other’s time.

Use It for Candidate Communication

Once a candidate gets past the initial steps of the application, they usually receive an email to tell them so. To stand out from generic acceptance emails, however, why not consider creating a confirmation video? Let them know in a more direct and personal manner that they passed, as well as what they can expect next.

Doing this won’t just let your brokerage stand out. It can also improve communication and understanding, which is crucial in the later stages of recruitment. Meanwhile, for passive candidates, a follow-up video can make a more convincing “work with us” pitch than just a plain email.

Interview Candidates

There are many reasons why you should start getting used to video interviews. For one, the pandemic practically made remote recruiting the norm. For another, video interviews are most cost-effective. Imagine, for instance, a candidate from another state. They may be willing to move to be closer to work, but they want to talk to you first before making the final decision.

In this case, it’s definitely not ideal to have them drive or fly just for an interview. Instead, you can agree on a video interview where you can freely discuss any concerns. It’s also easier to conduct a panel interview this way, logistically speaking. If someone can’t be there, you don’t have to schedule another interview; instead, you can show the other person a copy of the video. Of course, make sure to get the explicit consent of the candidate before making any recordings.

A successful real estate recruiter doesn’t hesitate to use all the tools available to make the job more efficient. If you aren’t using video yet, it’s time to do so. You might just be surprised how much of a boost they can give your recruitment efforts.