5 Tips for Driving More
Traffic to Your Online Business

Starting an online business feels challenging, but once it’s up and running, the hard work will be over, right? However, it quickly becomes apparent that unless you make sustained efforts to drive traffic to the site or e-commerce store, it’ll likely suffer from a lack of interest.

To assist online business owners in avoiding this fate, here are 5 tips to drive additional traffic to a website or online store.

Use SEO to Improve Search Ranking & Organic Traffic

When first considering how to get the most out of your online business through SEO and other tactics, it’s useful to think about how websites receive traffic in the first place. Certainly, it can happen organically without putting any intention into the process, but that’s hit and miss at best.

Instead, every page or post added to the site must be well-thought-out. How is the article titled? Is this a phrase that gets searched for often in Google? Use a tool like Keywords Everywhere that provides estimates of the potential monthly search traffic for different phases to avoid shooting in the dark.

Guest Posting to Create Brand Recognition & Referral Traffic

Guest posting when done right can be tremendously effective in delivering increasing traffic to the website and encouraging email opt-ins.

The most effective approach is where the article or post speaks directly to the audience for that site. This way, the readers are engaged and likely to click over to the brand that’s behind the article. Therefore, a good guest post provides value to the reader and matches (or piques) their interest to learn more.

Most guest posts fail at this because they don’t seem relevant for the audience and are only valuable for the link itself. While the link and the anchor text phase within it may contribute to ranking better in Google, additional referral traffic can incrementally increase traffic flows.

Create Meaningful Promotions

Seen as the cost of customer acquisition, promotions for new customers provide a motivational reason to visit the site, make a purchase, and give the product or service a whirl. But they must resonate with their intended audience or they’ll fall flat.

Promotions while costly can put it over the top in the decision-making processes of the potential buyer who is still on the fence. Look at these as traffic drivers initially, but also calculate the average cost of acquiring new customers and the average profit they will hopefully generate. Use past sales data to determine how the figures look.

Run PPC Advertising Campaigns

Another way to create a form of paid traffic is through a well-planned PPC campaign.

Advertising to relevant audiences while targeting keyword phrases that relate to what your site offers gets it noticed. Campaigns must be optimized while they’re running based on the initial response rates to tweak them until they’re profitable and then to go beyond that.

Partner with a Social Influencer

Social influencers feature across numerous market segments and small niches too. It’s possible to find a few that cover your areas of interest.

Influencers are used to partnering with site owners, product producers, and service providers to promote them in exchange for a cut of the pie. While social media promotion might be fairly new to you, understand that this reaches your target market and is just another type of paid marketing.

For website or online store owners, a multi-faceted approach must be adopted to drive meaningful new traffic. This is because success rates will wax and wane for each method. Also, some will deliver quicker results than others. So, it keeps the team busy as traffic flows from different sources throughout the first year. In so doing, this helps to keep the team morale up with fewer peaks and troughs in traffic to worry about.